What the heck is this thing?


They can be found on small creeks like this. They turn and make a clapping sound that can be heard from a distance. What this thing is and what is it used for?


One use is as a marker for timmy’s direction to the bandit camp.
They other, to annoy the player? :laughing:

Questions About the Small Waterwheel North of Ledetchko

Must be some sort of alien artefacts. I say this as I keep seeing blinking lights in the distance on Xbone, but when I go in close they disappear. It’s a cool thing to make kcd more interesting.


I think those are markers for forest navigation.


Stuart Little’s watermill… when the speed increases it makes a whistling noise to warn of potential flooding


it’s basically this

Why they are there? I don’t know.


These small mills are just children toys. It used to be very common in Czech villages (but I don’t know if also in middle ages), I also used to build them when I was small. But I fear that nowadays they are more and more scarce.