What time is daytime?


Is there a guide or can someone help me? I play the game now for about more then 10 hours and keep getting into moments i have to be at a certain time on a place for a qeust (like noon, sunset, dawn, midnight). Well i live in the netherlands and we dont talk that way about time. my problem for example: i have to meet someone after sunset, but how the , should i know what time sunset is…? (when i google i get today the sun set at 17:54 so i figure its 18:00) the qeust did not trigger so i geuss it was wrong… Now i hope someone can give me the time for the following figure of speaking about time: sunset, sunrise, midnight, dawn, noon, evening, afternoon, morning)


Look at your inventory, waiting Screen or sleep Screen. There the time is shown when the sun Rises etc.


well, you have this wheel above your character in Inventory. it has hours and night/day cycle.


Ik had hetzelfde probleem. Zelve als met dat AM PM onzin. 24 uurs klok gebruiken en gewoon zeggen welke tijd ipv zonsopgang etc


Specification of daytime can only be realized with more detail infos. But i am not following these things. I am acting like i want. A Quest is gone failed, kk, maybe next time^^
The current sunrise for example is between 5/6-7 am. Most Merchants in Rattay open at around 9-10 am (especially armor merchant)


What time is daytime?

This is literally the “best” question here in this forum :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Dawn = The sun is coming
Daytime = You can see the sun clearly at the sky
Sunset = The Sun slowly disappears
Nighttime = Guess what :smiley:


Vroeger gebruikten ze geen tijd zoals nu, wel zonsopgang, middag zonsondergang etc.