What to see in Prague and Kutna Hora?

Hello, dear fellow-Henries!

I’m going to visit Prague and Kutna Hora in June and this will be the first visit to Czech in my life. What a medieval enthusiast can see in these cities? Castles, monasteries, old town districts, maybe some cafes/pub/restaurants with medieval theme? I’m also a big enthusiast of medieval arms and armour, so, maybe armouries or war museums that are worth visiting? I also like historical open air museums.

Of course, I could google for all this, but I prefer to hear people’s feedback. I’ll appreciate your advice!

Czech out this chanell: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt7oj318jVQi7vRbc1bNjJA/videos

These guys are mapping everything tourists need/want to know (positive and negative) about Prague and few others tourist sites, including Kutna Hora.

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And, on top of that, Kingdom Come experience is not far from Kutna Hora: http://thechamber.cz/en/kingdomcome/

Yes, but unfortunately I don’t seem to get to the dates of the games in either Czech or English :frowning_face: