What will the character growth be in power / influence?



Yeah, history is ripe with examples of a peasant son of a blacksmith waltzing into a Kings throne room. Murdering every single last one of his guards, chopping that kings head off, then bottleknecking the remaining loyal supporters through a gate and killing them all one by one.

This is how kingdoms are made.


You also don’t have to do it alone. In the beta I shot Morcock from far enough away that he didn’t see me do it, at the start of the game, and he proceeded to kill every peasant in the vicinity. I helped him kill the town guards, and he didn’t attack me. He still wouldn’t talk to me or let me buy him a drink, but we shared an unspoken bond of mutual guard slaying.

Later in the game in Samopesh, after you talk to him at the windmill, you can get him to attack everyone there with a dialog option, but he also attacked me too. Also, the guards there are a lot stronger and numerous, so he wasn’t much use. Him and his men died shortly after that.


[quote=“SirWarriant, post:21, topic:31599”]
Yeah, history is ripe with examples of a peasant son of a blacksmith…[/quote]

Genghis Khan went from slave to the greatest conqueror of all time.



Sorry thats not true. One problem with Wenceslaus was that he was crowned as King of Bohemia and Germany but doesn’t went for the title Emperor of the HRE.


Oh but it is true. Wenceslas became emporer by running in the throne room and killing his father and all his guards.

He then defeated all the armies of the HRE single handedly by bottleknecking them through the gates.


Bottlenecks worked for the Spartans, so there’s no reason he couldn’t have done it, except for his total lack of fighting skills.


The same Spartans who were outflanked and slaughtered?

If you think a single man can do the things you’re describing you aren’t going to like this game.


Maybe you’re just bad at the game. Maybe you think the game is something that it isn’t. Maybe you believe the original hype that no one can beat more than one person at a time. I killed all the Cumans and bandits in the camp without saving. If you can’t do that, then you’re either bad, lack imagination, or take what is told at you at face value. In the alpha, people were complaining they couldn’t kill two Cumans.

It worked better at Agincourt, but the odds were less impressive than they were at Thermopylae. If the AI can find a goat track to outflank me, then I might be in trouble, except for the fact I can move, and they were there to delay the Persians until reinforcements could arrive, which they did. If I simply stand still and get myself surrounded, then my reign will be short and unsuccessful.


Damn @Aradiel, you have been around long enough, you should no not to feed @SirWarriant.

It appears the Troll Emperor has already one this thread. Well done.


@SirWarriant The Troll Emperor has won again. Congrats friend. :clap:


I don’t think we were playing the same game for him to have won.


Please tell me you weren’t being serious this whole time.


It depends what you mean by serious. If you think saying something stupid, and then calling it trolling is winning, we are not playing the same game.


I assumed you were trolling as well.
But if you weren’t then i think you’re stupid. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean come on.

If you seriously think one man is able to defeat armies, and take over kingdoms by himself there is no helping you. But i think we both know you weren’t being serious. :wink:


Read what you quoted. “You also don’t have to do it alone.”

You assume a lot. I do understand your mindset. It’s not uncommon online. You’re “pretending” to be stupid. You call it trolling. You tell yourself you’re not a moron. That is a part of who you are. You also try to bait people, thinking you’re fooling them, or assume they are doing the same thing you are doing. You’re wrong.

In the game, it’s certainly possible. It’s unclear exactly how much NPC help you can get in the game. There are definite factions that you have reputation with, and they might attack each other, but not you depending on the circumstances.


Yeah, and then you brought up how you were pretty much exploiting the weakness, and buggy nature of the beta AI.
And before that your posts were implying single handily holding off entire armies after killing a king and his guards.

Your posts were making it seem like you thought one man could take on armies by himself, and just walk into a room and kill the king and his guards and claim the throne. You even claimed this was common in history, so if you don’t want to get accused of being a troll don’t say absurd things.

You were not clear in your posts weather or not you were referring solely to the game. In fact you referenced “history” multiple times.

What has lead you to believe there will be multiple factions that you can join or choose to fight?


Ok i just stopped counting score, simply put: sir warriant owns aradiel (insert unreal tournament voice: GODLIKE)


In the game. Yes.[quote=“SirWarriant, post:37, topic:31599”]
You even claimed this was common in history

Where did I make that claim?

Don’t confuse join, with make follow you, get them to go to a certain place, or attack a certain group, while not attacking you.


Count all the things he said that were wrong, stupid, or misunderstandings, and then count mine. The phrase is keeping score, not counting score. I understand English isn’t everyone’s first language, but if you lack the understanding of nuance, you’re not qualified to keep score.