What will the character growth be in power / influence?


Is there any idea what the character growth might be in the story as it moves along?

What I mean by that is that even though the player character seems to start in humble beginnings, will there be any gameplay elements that will involve character gaining influence or power, lands or titles maybe, and actually have power in his own hands within the game?

When it comes to medieval games, specially ones were there are factions struggling for power, this is always a great element to have, and more and more it is added very effectively in recent games.


The short answer is no.

What exact influence will we have on the story is yet to be determined but we do know that we will not Hold grand titles or conquer lands.

The game is based on real world history, so our influence on the world and our maximum potential is hindered some in that aspect.


There is definitely ability to influence the world. Even in the Beta you have the option to decide which of the avenues of approach to use in the battle, the scale of the commitment, and to perform sabotage in the preparation/reconnaissance phase.

It is realistically you providing information and advice to and in support of your leader(s), rather than becoming emperor of the galaxy in a weekend.


Ah how disappointing, was actually hopeful for the game


Do you think the game will be bad lacking these elements?





I don´t really think that mods are the allmighty solution everybody likes to claim… Such overhauling mods usually require shitload of work, programming, scripting, assets… without financial support. And you need deep knowledge of game, its systems and your own skills + huge amount of time and effort.

This will occur ONLY if the game is massively popular, AND its easily moddable, which is something thats easier to say than do for devs… and even then, people might just assume that such massive effort into overhauling game could be spent elsewhere, for example modding game which has this things in base code etc…


If you want to follow the story, then no. Of course since everyone is mortal, there’s no reason why you can’t kill the king, sit on the throne, and proclaim yourself king.


other than the fact that you got no claim to it, and you would just be hung…


Given how long it took them in the middle ages to assemble and launch FTL spaceships, becoming emporer of the galaxy in a weekend wouldn’t be very realistic anyway, and I hear KC:D is all about the realism :wink:


This would be against established rules. Most of the nobility will declare war on you and even the majority of the church wouldn’t accept you as ruler. So you have better a mighty army to strengthen your back.


There is only one rule. The sword. Put to death any peasant or noble that treasonously disputes your rightful claim.


Okay. When those with bigger armies dispute your “rightful” claim?:stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t say it would be a long reign, but there’s nothing stopping you from making it.

Of course it’s entirely possible to use terrain to take out even the largest armies. In the beta I had no problem taking out the entire Cuman and bandit camp without saving or cheating. Their archers even helped me out by shooting their friends in the back.


You mistake my meaning good sir.

The point I was making is that the ONLY way we’ll ever see this kind of feature or mechanic in-game, is through the power of mods.

I wasn’t even remotely suggesting that would be easy by any stretch. Just making a statement of fact around how it’s not a native feature set of KCD.


I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t even make it past their guards. :wink:

Prague where the emperor resides won’t even be in the game. And even if it was, you seem to be forgetting things like, castle walls, gates, and guards.


I didn’t say emperor.

Not at all. You kill the guards. You use the gates to bottleneck them. You claim the castle as your own, and declare yourself king. There might even be someone with a crown you can kill.

RP fun aside, I’m sure people are going to try and kill everyone in a town or castle and claim it for themselves. It’s what people do. It doesn’t follow the story, and may even break its continuation, but that’s what reloading save games are for.


When we first learned how to spawn swords via the console commands in the early Alpha days, myself and many others killed everyone in Samopesh.

Indeed the second the game releases I will be thoroughly testing the crime mechanics :wink:


The king of Bohemia (where this game takes place) at the time was the emperor of the Holy Roman empire.

You realise one of the main selling points of this game is realism right?


Empires are built one kingdom at a time.

That has nothing to do with how people play games, and realism gives way to convenience and game mechanics in a number of ways. What the game is really about is the story set in the real world, rather than a fantasy world, with events that actually happened. It’s not a slave to realism.

There’s nothing unrealistic about taking over a territory and calling yourself its king. That’s how kingdoms begin.