Whats in the game right now?


This game really interest me and ive thought about buying it a few times but keep wondering what is currently in the game? I have looked over the forums a few times and the faq and other sources of information and i cant seem to find a list or somewhere that speaks of whats currently in the game.


It’s called a beta, but it’s really more of a tech demo with some questing, mini-game mechanics and a small battle sequence to round it all off.

There’s a crime system, stealth, horse riding, and archery. Melee combat obviously as well which underpins the entire game really.

RPG mechanics are present to an extent also, with some skill progression capability thrown in the mix.

If you’re after a full game experience, the beta isn’t for you. My advice would be to hold off for a bit, we’re guessing we’ll see a confirmed release date at E3 this year. So better to wait for the final game, than buy into the beta at this late stage… Cheers


Ok thats what i thought the beta was currently like, thanks ill wait for full game!


Where can I find full version? Maybe this game look like Path of Exile? (PoE)
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You want to buy the full version? Than look here

and if you want play the full game you have to wait until 13.02.2018