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So I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kingdome Come: Deliverance from day one and still today. I love the art, the religion, the culture, the characters, the combat, everything about KCD. It was more than a little good to finally see a game not trying to reinvent society, but instead paying homage to our history that built society. KCD is truly a magnificent wonder of a game.

However, after exploring every nook and cranny I’m extremely curious as to what Warhorse is planning to work on, or is working on, next.


We only know they are working on something, but it’s still a secret what it is. But from some hints it’s obvious, that this “secret” is sequel of KCD. I hope they will announce something about it soon.


I would love that the game took place in Prague, but at the same time I find it a bit difficult as what I love the most about KCD is getting lost in the wild. I don’t know, maybe an urbanized version of the game would be cool too, let’s see what they do.

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I’m excited!

Yes!! Expected release date? 2021, 2022?