When can we expect proper ultra wide support?


As per title, when is this going to happen?

Simply having the resolution as an option in your graphics menu is not supporting it, that just means the application will stretch/scale etc. to ensure there are no black borders. Correct support means that the Vertical and Horizontal field of views are designed to ensure minimal stretching.

In these scenarios you can lower a game’s field of view setting, to slightly reduce the amount of stretching though even at the lowest in game FOV, things are still extremely warped. Like any game without proper ultra wide support, you effectively get an appropriate looking centered image only. Everything to the sides of that on the horizontal plane is distorted significantly. Imagine you placed a 24" monitor right in front of a 34" 3440x1440 monitor, and had the game running on both. The image on the 24" would display correctly, and at the sides would be the stretched image of the 34" panel.

No screen shots are necessary, anyone whom has ever experienced 21:9 done correctly vs not, will know.

You create lovely looking world and want me to go off and explore the forests and country side, yet expect me to cope with the fact that one moment I am looking at a tree head on and after then turning to the side, the next time I look back at it(and it’s not all the way at the edge in my far peripheral), it suddenly went from a young tree to a really mature one due to the stretching.
It spoils immersion when you barely move and objects grow to four times their normal width. And even worse, when you’re looking at a static image and yet objects are pulled and distorted when still in your 120 degree arc.

Also, this affects horizontal plane to a lesser degree.

I am sorely disappointed that this wasn’t done at launch, let alone in a simple hot fix afterwards.


Please make a bugreport to:


Thank you!!!


I agree that the lack of camera options and FOV options is disappointing. I feel like I’m looking at the Sistine Chapel Ceiling through a peephole :crying_cat_face:


Aye, it is the type of projection used which is rectilinear. One way to see it in it’s extreme is to use a high fov such as 160, which will warp the image, quite literally like you’d imagine going through a warp jump in science fiction.

It can be mitigated by reducing FOV, though too low of an FOV can be troublesome and according to Warhorse, the 60 used in KCD is the lowest which is already a bit low (not in terms of numbers but how it shows in game world).

Every modern title that supports ultra wide will have some stretching at the very edges of the image, however it’s subtle, particularly when in motion. In KCD though, something is not right. the user interface is alright for the wide display though the actual rendering is not. It’s unnecessarily stretched anywhere outside of the center - say 120 degrees or even less. I sent off several examples to Warhorse support, despite them claiming it supports ultra wide.


Small update here. Warhorse have responded to me outside of the forums and have said they’ll look into the additional data/examples I provided separately.

There may be little they can do as the game seems to be designed with rectilinear projection (not uncommon), however I believe the key is that the given field of view values are based off a singular resolution/aspect ratio instead of universally. E.g. for some people ‘60’ in-game settings is not actually 60.

Never the less, one work around they kindly suggested was to use the console command

Where xx is your number

For a 21:9 I found that 40 was the best setting to virtually eliminate any stretching. However you could get away with 45, or maybe 50 if you prefer(though the latter shows noticeable warping still).

As an added bonus, your FPS should go up some as well.