When is the best point to play the DLCs?

For immersion reasons when should I jump in to the DLCs?

The Womans lot dosnt seem to matter

The balif town building one seems best saved for after the main quest but I have no idea really.

Any tips?

I have a couple hundred hours in the game and still havnt beat it or played dlcs except the womans lot. Its about that time to wrap it up :cry:

Ignore the rattay tourney and Capon’s quest chain until you can git gud statwise. probably best to play it midgame because the shenanigans you pull might affect region reputation. Also the rattay tourney is a F-ing slog of 6-9 fights best cheezed with as many 10 minute effect potions, high-maxed strength, and decentish stats in all weapons to farm the tourney midgame for some of the best/nicest looking equipment. Band of bastards also makes sense post baptism of fire but before you get into the endgame (if anything to get the gear) or as post endgame content. Probably best done when you have the skills to beat the rattay tourney, high speech, lots of money, and the ability to stack to 20 charisma. From the ashes fits best post main quest, but doing it midgame breaks the ingame economy to your immediate favor and gives you some better equipment and better horses or a customizable (opponent skill, weapon, armor) sparring pit that is useful for the end of the game and grinding training against someone easier or harder than sir Bernard. To get this game breaking money printer though you need to fork over about 40 grand and you need to have at least 10k-ish to get the place in the black.

I do the rattay tourney immediately after learning masterstrikes. It’s better than training with Bernard.

Band of bastards , the bailiff one and Capone’s quest are the ones I’m mainly curious about

You do part of Capon mid game, start building Pribyslavitz mid game, Band of Bastards late game, and then the rest at the end.


I agree, that’s the order I followed.

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To make it clear, begining From The Ashes rather make economics harder for you. So I would suggest doing it in parallel of the main game just to make it more challenging - right to the point with above-0 income. That feels like a hell of accomplishment. After that you may just balance buildings there in a way it makes you slow profit or sometimes expense. And enjoy the main game.

In that case you play 2 almost separate games in parallel.

But personally I wouldn’t mind getting rich from completing the quest. The game allows you to get rich if you want it anyway.

Edit: be cautious though following my advice as I haven’t finished neither maingame nor FtA yet. Just so far cannot see how my natural playing tactics could ruin anything.