When to do DLC in relation to 'The Die Is Cast'

Hello folks

I’ve been very slowly working my way through my first playthrough since Feb '18.
In the main Quest line I’m just about to head to Vranik in The Die Is Cast. But I’ve paused the main quest for the moment.
I understand that things move very fast after that point and that it’s advisable to get side-quests done before heading to Vranik. But I’m wondering what’s the situation with DLCs?
I’ve done all the side quests, and I’ve done From The Ashes and Amorous Adventures, and I’ve just begun A Woman’s Lot.
I’ve completed Theresa’s story and I’ve started The Madonna of Sasau - I’ve just completed the bit where I find and donate Pavel’s money. But I recently read that Madonna of Sasau contains spoilers and it’s recommended to complete The Die Is Cast first!
Originally I intended to finish ALL the DLC before heading to Vranik, but if Madonna has spoilers for MQ maybe I should I go and do some of The Die Is Cast now? I’d rather not do the DLC after the main quest, so if I head to Vranik now will I still have the opportunity to finish Madonna Of Sasau and Band of Bastards before the main quest wraps up?


Anyone got any thoughts on this?


Personally I Finnish the main quest before doing the DLC to avoid any spoiler so maybe you should do the main quest.

The DLC differs in dialogue based on when you do the quest. In BoB for example, Henry refers to Radzig differently, depending on whether or not you have reached the point in the story where you would refer to him that way.

Do them when ever you feel like. It really doesn’t matter. That said, BoB has the best armor in the game, so if you want that, and want to use it for as long as possible, then do that ASAP.