When to explore outside Rattay


Thanks to everyone for helping me with the Hans issue. I got past him and starting the “Keeping the Peace” quest. Can I break away from it to explore around? If not, when to just wander off?

I know certain questions are timed, but not sure if this quest is included.


I usually wander around for a looooooong time before even going to the Nightingale. But you can do whatever you want and wait as long as you like UNLESS you have to be somewhere on a specific time (like say that you have to meet Hans for hunting in the morning) or meet someone to go somewhere right away


Fantastic. Thanks!


Another way to go, if you do another playline: when you arrive at the Mill, don’t go and talk to Lord Radzig at all until you feel you’ve explored all you want. There is no question that, when you wake up at the Mill, you are free to do whatever you like for as long as you like, and it is only once you enter the chamber with Lord Radzig that the freedom is curtailed.

I played for something like 200 hours (a normal play line for 120 up to about level 14 and then 80 hours in a hardcore up to about Level 12 or so) before going to talk to Lord Radzig. There is PLENTY to do out there in Bohemia without talking to Lord Radzig, and honestly it is a lot of fun for a long time.