When we can expect Alpha

Hi Warhorse,
i have just a simple question, when we can expect Alpha release, i mean accurate time like in 0:01 at 22nd of october or later like 19:00 CET

Thanks for your answer

Your Mafian

BTW: How it look with 9th video update?? :smiley:

In a few days - Valve time


I hope it will be early cause I wont have too much time in the evening and then I’m gone for some days.
So this question when exactly it will come out is highly important for me. too

But what I hope even more is that it will be the 22.

looks like i know where my friday will be going, also no one has there codes yet right ?

I was just thinking the same thing… still no codes, and we’re a day from alpha release :expressionless:

Are the steam codes just being emailed to us, or will they show up in our Pledge Profile page? Be cool to find out :wink:

They’re actually planning a Duke Nukem-esque release… Say it’ll be ready soon, ten years later.

Has anyone received a Steam download code yet? Nothing so far for me…

No, its being released tomorrow…

Why is there no communication on this. Really concerning they havent given good information.

what’s concerning? it’s still a day away

Wut? They told us that alpha will be released in october 22nd. There is no change about that, it’s still a valid info. What is concerning about that?

And btw. look on their Twitter or Facebook, they are responding all the time.


Come on guys, 1 day left, keep calm :wink:

I think that tomorrow they will start to send emails with codes. Check your email every 5 mins LOL

…Cumans stole the Alpha Keys! :slight_smile:


No… not the Cumans again! o__o

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… don’t worry we are on it! :slight_smile:


I know we are all excited but give em time and even a day leeway should something go wrong,

because it most likely will.

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Remember, they dwell in Záhorie region, Slovakia. Seek the Plavecký (Cuman’s) castle. Search it. Find the alpha keys.


Masterchief told us that it will be on 22 , but he said also that it could be a bit later so calm down take it easy and dont except too much its an alpha and its just about finding errors bugs n stuff.
By the way would be great if you would create a form to download where i can wright my whole bug list into it and then send it to you!

Really… why you all can’t type some words into google?

all these alpha questions are spam!
Time to report posts!? oO

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rataj: Is this reply for my question? Do you think i am an idiot? … I know about 22nd of October, it’s tomorrow, but i asking for the time in hours, not for date. #why #damn