Where are all children?

In medieval ages, every couple had multiple children, even five or more. I have seen no child at all in the game, which is breaking the immersion and realism of medieval villages. Were children not pun in the game for a reason or developers just forget it? I remember kids playing on the streets in Witcher 3. Villages and cities felt much more alive there. That’s a pity.


You don’t believe that the devs forgot, so instead just ask why the kids were not in the game

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I’d assume it’s a decision made deliberately. If they were in-game, and made killable, that’d potentially lead to heavy backlash. Unkillable kids would lead to backlash from the realism folks. And don’t you get started about any ability to rob kids and take of their clothing.


This was discussed so thoroughly on another thread but to save you the hassle of going through all the reasons there, the short version is:

  • Legal issues
  • Additional production cost
  • Time consuming

It’s perfectly possible that they’ll add them later though, all of those problems can be solved but since the game was a tad rushed and may have been running low on budget before release, that may be the reason why we don’t have them currently.

Now each of those reasons is worthy of a 100 comment debate, but that’s the brief of it.

Can you link the other discussion? I’d be iterested in the legal aspects…

Sure, here you go.

well, crap. Brutally chopping to pieces people in games, pumping them full of bullets etc. is all a-o-k , but woe betides him, who raises a hand against a kid, or dares show a nipple…

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Well technically, it’s killing them that’s a problem. If you put immortal children in the game but the player can still swing at them, it’s not that big of a deal.

still feels retarded/hypocritical…

As if it could get any worse after what happened in the monastery last night…oops.

I guess it’ll be ok to have immortal children… there are already immortal horses, so why not kids? if you rely so heavily on realism that prevents to put immortal children, why do you not object there are not breakable (using weapon) wooden chests, doors, windows, carts, whatever… the realism in game is limited anyways (and must be)

Yep, anything regarding harming children or child nudity is a no go. Still the laws aren’t too strict, it’s more of a matter that WH didn’t bother/couldn’t put children in the game by the release date defined. If you make them immortal, you’re all set legally so long as the game doesn’t encourage child abuse.

Agreed, morality is just a posture nowadays, you also have rape, no game would ever include that (not that I’m asking for it), the backlash would be huge, but mercilessly murdering hundreds of people is OK. I’m actually surprised the game allow you to chase women and chop them to death with an ax…

Not particularly bothered by kids not being killable, just find the rule kinda dumb.

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why not, it´s the response to the feminist #metoo movement :smiley: no differences between men and women :wink: let’s be (idiotically) sex correct/blind

To be fair though, one evil being permitted is no excuse for all the others to be allowed aswell.
Give it a few years though and these rules may change aswell, as did nudity and many other things. A long while back, nudity in games was out of the question.

Well… ‘nudity’, when henry stripped bare still has his breeches and a magical undershirt that disappears when wearing other clothing?

There is some nice 15th C. mans underwear surviving, looking pretty similar to a thong, but try putting that in games or media :smiley:

I always find it odd, especially with the US market, how on one hand designs for female characters are more often than not totally ridiculously oversexualized, yet in the same media, people almost get a heart attack when seeing a nipple, full frontal nudity being quasi unheard of.

There are movies from the 1970s, when people were seemingly less prude which occasionally feature fully nude people, and doing so neither in a retardedly oversexualized ways, nor shying away from filthy filthy nudity, but…y’know, in a rather relaxed manner, as if it werent a big deal that humans are actually naked under their clothing…

Somewhere on youtube there was interview with Vavra, where he was like “if there were kids, then they should be killable and i don’t like it” (IIRC).

Weird, there are multiple essential characters, I just massacred Rattay, killed absolutely everyone except the guard who gives you the tour, the Lord of the place and the trainer guy because they are unkillable…

I’ve found that interview - https://youtu.be/dW2KHklIHxw?t=1h46m20s , i was wrong. :slight_smile: He basicaly said that it’s a pity, but it’s too much work and if they were there they will be unkillable and in the backround only.

Eh, it’ll happen eventually. Either WH will take the time…far down the project list, or an enterprising modder will port in some kid models from Skyrim.