Where are the fixes for these game breaking bugs?!


Been playing for 2 days now and the bugs make this game unplayable! It’s like walking on egg shells, no shit. Just now I got a “CryEngine Warning” that rendered all my saved games unplayable… not to mention the other random crashes, and the dialogue and quest bugs that leaves quest lines open with no way to finish them. The worst part is I find out it’s been this way for quite a while. Is this what I can expect? I also just read that there was another delay a few months back. Did I make the wrong choice? I absolutely LOVE this game and would hate to see another promising title go down to amateur devs. I have given up on playing for the moment, hopefully some updates in the near future will fix the HUGE issues with this game… btw, these are some major problems that I figure would require all hands on deck but it does not seem to be a priority.


You are playing a Beta.

No this is not what you can expect From the game’s release version.

Yes bugfixes have been created for what you see

No the Beta will not be updated

Yes the bugfixes are a priority

No you will not see the bugfixes until you get the final release version


Not sure if it helps you but visiting samopesh after you meet timmy’s sister will make the game crashing on each load. I got this issue as well so …
I didn’t try it yet, but could be a solution to discover samopesh before moving forward in the main quest?


This beta is over a year old and will not receive any new updates.



If you just discover Samopesh, could be ok, but going there starting quest or whatever, saves will not be loadable anymore.

Nobody found a workaround by any chance?

Thanks a lot


Read before you write. Is it so hard to see some later video, comment, or update? Everywhere you can read, that game is in development, fixed, being polished, coming out next year. If you are disappointed and wanted a proper demo without bugs, I was assured they are not working on it. There will be only one update - game release.


Of course I know that. I am just asking since you may find some nice video of people actually doing those quests so.
And for that, they may have a workaround, except if they move without saving :slight_smile:


I understand but at the same time I would not worry too much about walking through the game that is not finished, well you can watch YouTube videos. Otherwise I can not help, I do not have the beta purchased.