Where are the mods? 2020 version

I know that many people have worked hard on some small scale mods which add useful features to the game or optimize for a certain play style, however I have yet to see any mods which add new characters, quests, activities, storylines, or anything of that sort. I was wondering why that is since the developers claim that their modding tools fully support such modding. I realize these kinds of mods take a long time to make but I think its been almost a year since modding tools came out if I’m not mistaken and it seems like a mod would have been done like this even if it was just a small scale questline. If anyone knows of any projects which add quests to the game or something along those lines please tell me. Also if anyone is interested perhaps they could organize a modding competition where the best story/quest adding modding gets a prize?

They were released at the end of October I think. I think the game of thrones total conversion mod is being worked on again so there’s that at least.

I’ve tried those tools. I’m no modder but even with tips from nexus I wasn’t able to start modding simplest thing. It’s more complicated than it seems. The people working on some mods will have to convert their works and make them compatible. Some modders complained their works do not appear in game. So until more people crack the tools, it will go slowly.

I see well i think people must have figured out some stuff by now so I would encourage everyone whose played with the modding tools to post what they have learnt on this branch of the forums, that way we can have a database of info about the modding tools and maybe someone can make a guide.