Where are the Mods

So i know it usually takes months to make a mod but I’m just wondering why there hasn’t been a single mod released in the past 6 days. Please, if your making a mod post here what your making and when you think part of it will be ready.

Will try to create follower mod ( aithful servant, Patsy, accompanies Henry, banging two coconut halves together to make the sound of the horse’s hooves ). Status - 1%

as you can see from nexus for kcd tools downloads:
200 views how to set up database in forum
150 viewed scripting tutorial2 before video was visible in youtube
1800 views later (maybe 1600 people who propably do not took efort to search in wiki for tutorials)

So maybe 1000 people managed to get everything working in first week
at least 100 noobs are trying to learn something from tutorials

WH left a lot to figureout by ourselfs. No examples given how to create a mod from start to finish = slow start.

I (no experience with cryengine) tryed to place NPC, cow, ant tower in Talmberg… .save lyers… pack them…export level… place level.pak to mod/Data/Levels/rataje/ folder and managed to see in game console that this pak is loaded
but no tower no npc, no cows. Finaly i corupted editors scripts and data files. I will restart all over again…maybe will read some cryengine tutorials…

It looks like KCD can load entities from script… so maybe where is other ways how to add entities int to game (only guess)

I expect some one will make 1 lame mod after 2 weeks or so.


Thanks for the response, its good to know that people are working on it.