Where are you?


I’m here just to ask where is everyone talking how 1st person is a mistake and horrible decision, now when even Cyberpunk 2077 was confirmed as 1st person RPG. KCD is proven to be timeless. Good job Warhorse.


where are they now. Hmmm. Out being full time activists, writing made up nonsense about some other person or idea they don’t agree with, on their soy milk farms, pretending really hard they have real convictions… ha.

I like first person games. I tend to use that option more often than not in games like Fallout, Arma or even in GTAV when I played it for a bit, obviously games like Deus ex or Dishonoured you don’t get the option.

I don’t think the decision of first person or third decided if a game timeless :D.

It is always nice to have the option for both. But unfortunately the technical issues this throws up are well documented and will not work for every game.

Ps glad Cyberpunk is first person, if it can be only one or the other. Otherwise it falls into the GTA/Division/ Watchdogs/Saints row territory. Best to stand out more.


I prefer the 1st person view in all games. This helps me to identify myself with the character and contributes to greater immersion. Besides, watching the character’s nape through hundreds of hours is not really captivating to me :roll_eyes:

However, I am strongly convinced that options will save the world, i. e. I like an option to have the 3rd person view. Just to have a look at myself like in a mirror or make good screenshots. That’s why I think nVidia Ansel is a ground-breaking thing and I wish that they could implement a similar engine to make videos, so that you could replay a part of an action, but being able to move camera freely around.


First person is immersion


Its purely a game design thing.
If we recall dragon age (origins) or other 3/4 perspective titles (I like the Y’s series) the aerial view can be used to setup puzzle solving. Many times it reveals details that our player character shouldn’t have and is an immersion killer for personal journeying like Kingdom Come offers.

It does reduce the need for extreme high quality textures (raising camera and having a ‘minimum distance’ between assets and the camera…), and first person games often have a whole order of complexity more requirement for the art department to deal with (eg prior to hd texture pack this game had obvious holes in the quality consistency of surfaces)

As the heading ‘where are you?’ for the topic is a lil ambiguous-

I am in Australia.

PC gamer in the loungeroom.
Been tinkering with overclocks yesterday/today; after reading many cpu benchmarks and hardcore tech websites. Constantly reminded by how many cryengine games actually benefit from more CPU cores/speed (when countless other yield no framerate differences from cpu to cpu).

Added another few hundred megahertz of headroom, returned to shadows and antialiasing being ‘one notch down’ from Ultra/top- all other sliders maxxed on a three/four year old ‘midrange’(enthusiast) PC.

Loving added cloth simulation and the gift of true ultra quality vegetation around the player.
If I thought the game was jaw dropping on launch- that was then- this is now;

Miserable shot to replicate the winteryness of walking the mainstreet of my township :slight_smile:

Using an android phone which dies with 50% battery sometimes- loving this forum.