Where can i download the game


I bought the game got a new pc and now i dont know where to download the game help! please



Welcome to the forum.

To find the downloader (of the beta) go to the main page. It should look like this.

In the top right corner click on the >sign in<

Next you have to sign in. It should look like this.

Once you’ve signed in, click on “Go To Your Profile”.
From there on you just have to start the download.

Have fun with the beta. :slight_smile:


Lovely response thank you


I have taken a look at your profile. It seems the payment didn´t went through for an unknown reason, but we will take a look at it, to find out more.


I played the gane on my other pc, got a new one and now i cant download ik can sens you the payment on paypal if you want


If you have any further evidence you can please PM me about that :slight_smile:
Right now we are investigating if it is a fault on our side.


I bought the game and signed up, but see no log in option on main page.

Is this still working, or did the beta stopped now you’re getting close to release? Because I would love to play the beta.
If stopped, maybe a good idea to keep a beta version available for testing, if you’re planning further releases cq updates in future. I don’t play many games, but one I love is Arma 3 and they keep updating. For that reason, they kept a beta area available for users that want to try the stuff that is in development (and giving info that way).


The log in is on the backer reward page:

Click “Sign In”

The beta is for “old” backer available,… till the release of the full game.
But the beta is not updated. Nevertheless have fun playing it.

Prepare for 13.02.2018 :slight_smile:


Thanks for the rapid response.
To bad I’m not a “old” backer (to bad I only found out about this game recently - not to game focused and only play a few I really like); log in via this way is not available for me.

Seems I have to wait for 13-02-18…


So ive pledged quite some time ago and i was able to download the beta previously. Being so close to release im really hyped and just wanted to play the beta again but i cant seem to download it anympore. neither on the reward or the old download side. And btw ive never received a beta key for steam as some people some to have.


you cant download the beta anymore


yeah noticed the description change on the page. thankfully im never deleting my download folder and stil got the installer