Where do you buy games?

Everyone here is probably waiting for the release of new games such as cyberpunk. But not everyone can afford to buy them. They cost a lot.
Tell us where you buy the games at good prices ?

I’ve done my best to avoid buying a physical copy of any game in the last decade. One, I don’t want my game to become incompatible because a newer machine doesn’t have the physical drive to accept it. Two, I dislike the fact that a damaged disk could prevent me from playing.

So, with that in mind, my go-to solutions for games are Steam and GOG. If I can, I’ll run with GOG because I love supporting a DRM-free ethic, and appreciate the work they’ve done to get some of my old favorites compatible with newer systems. Also, their recent effort to bring a cloud-based library for all my games, including the ones on console, is very appealing.

PC is my platform of choice over console when it comes to money. Games on PC go on sale sooner, cheaper, and more often. And then there’s the whole factor of getting your money’s worth by having the ability to mod your game, further increasing bang for buck.

However, if none of that appeals to you, and you don’t care about avoiding physical copies, then alternatives could be a local game shop (I like FX Game Exchange) for a used copy, or possibly a purchase from a Redbox. The last one is a bit dodgy…the disks are very likely to have been abused prior to being listed for sale, and might be nearing end of life. :man_shrugging:

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I must introduce you to isthereanydeal.com. It shows all official stores and retailers with lowest historical prices recorded. You can also get notified when it happens and have a nice overview which games you have already. It also notifies about giveaways.
There are few that offer very low price per games and there are some offering bundles with games that are worth per price but another thing is you get games you don’t want. So then there are two sites that either offer me pick and mix (you choose amount and get appropriate discount) , or tiers (highest tier gives you all other tiers and is most expensive). So without any ads: fanatical with 5, 10, 15 % off coupons if you made purchase lately or humble with 20 % off if you pay monthly subscription. These are not always cheapest, just my favourites.

The cheapest places are usually key resellers, G2A etc. or setting your region to India for Steam and buying when they have a sale.

I started using sites that compare the price of games. There are several such sites. For example dlcompare and g2troll . My favorite is g2troll.com . There for my simple actions I received a gift card
Steam for 5 euros. And it’s really cool

In other words, scam developers and you will pay cheapest to nothing.

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