Where is Kornelius in Rattay for From the Ashes?


Hey all,

I want to recruit Kornelius to be my trader, but it seems i cannot find him at all in Rattay.
Does anyone have an idea where he might be, and at what time of the day?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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have you checked the refugee camp lower section? I found him sleeping. I K.O. him and carried him up and let Antonia wake him., was lucky I wasn’t seen by a guard.

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Aye i did, but seems he’s not there.
You mean the area where you can go down the ladder right, just next to the gate?
Edit nvm found him :slight_smile: indeed sleeping there :smiley:
Edit 2: i was seen by a guard, so how did you manage to let antonia wake him?

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I got him up and plopped him down by the wall across from the cook pot and acted like nothing happened. Antonia was near by and walk over to him and woke him. You just need an npc or guard to wake him up.

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gonna try this out thanks :smiley:
Edit: there was a bug where lots of people ended up near the ladder near the gate.
They just stood still, and at first there were just a few people there, but waiting past midnight, and Kornelius showed up in the bunch of people too.
So no need to drag him or whatsoever, now i can just talk to him
Still thanks for the help :smiley:


I just wish the villagers would greet you differently. And I wanted a mansion. You have to share a room with a guard and the maid. I also wish there was some bandit or cuman attack. Overall, I think I got my money’s worth, maybe I was just expecting too much

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Or the devs did not listen or try hard enough to give what the players wanted even if it delayed the DLC more.

I don’t think I did


I just can’t find Kornelius… Isn’t he supposed to be in the camp at the western Rattay gate next to the lower castle?


He is prolly begging for money somewhere in the city, at a different spot each day. There are also reports that he can spend most of the day sleeping in the refugee camp most of the day. You then need to knock him out in order to wake him up and be able to talk to him.


Sometimes, he never wake up from sleeping after Aquarius(must be a bug).
The Skalits folks sleep at the camp from under the bridge before Pirkstain, to the crossroad toward the town square.
He may be sleeping somewhere around there all day long. You can knock out him and wait, then he will wake up and talk.


Found him, thanks!


Sometimes I see him wandering around by the tavern. And at the refugee camp at night.


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He is in the camp area with the other beggars at night (just East and off to the right of Rattay’s lower gate), during the day he can be found wandering around. A word of warning though, dont recruit him to carry water or shit for one of the side missions (forgot what it’s called), if you do then he can’t be recruited as a trader in From The Ashes DLC. I made that mistake and didn’t find out until later.