Where is the horse body armor!

Why is it nobody can find this damn armor!?!?!? Is it really that hidden or is it not in the game?

It doesn’t exist in the game, only the head armour. :smirk:

Are you sure??? Has there been confirmation? I know there is the slot for it but I haven’t seen any confirmation that it’s not there…

I’ve checked files and etc - there’s only head armour. Maybe, it has no name for it as head armour does, but i haven’t been able to find even material for it, so yeah, it mightn’t be in the game.

I guess we all will still just search for it. Hopefully it turns up…

I think the reason there is a slot for barding but that there is none is because Daniel Vavra was not satisfied with the level of horse combat. It made it in, but it’s so basic he most likely pulled any armour for the horse until it’s up to his standards. I mean the Cumans are (I believe) horseback warriors like the Mongols. There should be roving gangs of them on horseback, but I’ve never seen any, so I’d assume that while we can fight from horseback, both with sword and bow, other AI cannot until horse combat is fully ready.

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Yes the Cumans are Horse warriors, being a particularly fierce and bloodthirsty group of Magyars, who were a steppe people similar to the mongols who made repeated raids into western Europe. Given this, it seems horse combat must come eventually, though it may not meet the standards of the rest of the game right now.

It’s been 2+ years since this post was created and I still don’t see armor for horses in the game, even though the horse menu has a slot for it. Come on people. Either add some armor or remove the misleading slot. This is annoying.

It’s under the tree by the river.

under what tree? send a screenshot

The one by the rocks. You go there, and wait until the stable boy sneaks by.

please mark the place on the map, somehow I can’t understand you

Ignore him. He’s playing with you.

I’ve added every item that exists in the game to inventory. There is no horse body armor. All it would do is slow the horse down anyway. Maybe they planned to put it in, but never got around to it?

There were some cosmetic mods that made the caparisons looks like armor, and maybe it could be modded in now that the tools are available.

Guilty as charged.