Where's the romance gone?

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing this game, I put thousand plus hours into skyrim, came into this expecting something similar. But the only thumb similar about it is there swords and such, which before I knew it became a great thing. This game is very immersive, the sounds the way it plays, the combat is amazing, story all the details. My new favorite game. But one thing killed the immersion for me, and that’s the romance. You have this character who you can be knight like or brutish, great dialogue, then he meets these girls, the stories are well written, the build up is great. You’re thinking one of these ladies is going to keep your character grounded, have more to fight for. But after the quest is complete, you can’t even talk to the ladies about what you did. As if afterwards you found out they gave Henry a fake phone number and now he’s just the guy they boned walking around and avoid. Where did the rest of his and Theresa’s story go? Or the other ladies? I mean not of all of them need longer stories but that build on the boy who saved the girl, then she saved him back, romance then… a postcard every Christmas, what’s up with that?


She probably discovers he spends too much time at the bath house.


Been much discussed - think everyone is in agreement on this. It’s a bad void. Developers need to prioritize expanding those story lines after they work to fix the bugs.


Henry can’t answer the phone right now. he’s caught up in war. rest assured he thinks about you. please call back later or leave a message after the tone.


Life’s a bitch and then you’re Henry. All you can do is pick up the pieces and move on.

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Love’em and leave’em

This is good news, they have such well rounded characters they could be alive, many games fail at that.

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The game is a great pleasure to play but still there are areas to improve. The Romance, or relationships could use some tweaks to make it have a bit more depth in the character development. The same is true with dialogue with NPCs, there is no variety in response and actually almost no impact, other than do the side quest or don’t do the side quest.


If most of the developers are under 30 years old, it might be their interpretation of Romance…
Just “hooking up”.

This game started as a kickstarter, dont expect it to be perfect. Their team is doing what they can one step at a time.

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