Which data file(s) determine whether an NPC is immortal or not?

Back when used to play Skyrim (it’s been awhile), I would use a mod to strip certain NPCs of their immortality. Mainly because I found them to be annoying.

For KCD, I don’t plan to kill off any essential characters (yet). Perhaps when I’ve finished the game I’ll try to figure it out.

However, I’m pretty sure the values that determine whether an NPC is killable, is almost certainly present in the game’s data files. Can someone say which file holds these values, and exactly what to edit?


Soul.xml file in Tables archive file.

Thanks for that info. I’ll try editing it later. I believe the value controlling immortality in souls.xml is called “soul_vip_class_id”. Should be simple enough to change all “soul_vip_class_id” to a value of 0. There should only be a handful to change anyway, KCD doesn’t have that many unkillable people. I’ve mostly finished the game, I’m going to test tonight, if it works then I’ll go on a murder spree around the map.

Yes but some NPC has not only immortality. They has protection from hero attaks. So Henry simply cant attak this npc. Like Richtarge. On nexus is a mod for killable npc.

Yes, you’re right. My game started fine and all seemed to be working normally. But i could not attack or pickpocket certain NPCs like father/mother. Of course, they died when the invasion happened. I’ll look into the mod. I may not actually kill certain NPCs unless I’m certain it wont affect the story (like when you’ve completed all their quests and they no longer appear/are mentioned in the story). Unfortunately, certain very annoying dbag NPCs like Hans can never be touched without story breakage, since he is in the ending cutscene. I would at least like to be able to pickpocket/knock out anyone.