Which platform should I choose?


Hey there! I have doubts about the platform I should choose. I have a laptop Lenovo Ideapad Y700-15ISK I7-6700HQ 2,60GHz, 12 GB of RAM with a GeForce GTX 960M 4GB. Do you think it will be enough for the game? The thing is that my SSD is only 250 GB and I’ve already used 150 GB for video editing and animation software and others. I have a PS4 as well, but I can’t use it the most part of the year because it’s my brother’s, so I am not sure what to choose. Do you think my PC will do it?



For me, PC is the only platform I will ever choose!

You can always lower the graphics if your laptop can’t handle the game on very high. On low settings, you bet you’ll still have better graphics than on Xbox, maybe even compared to PS4. From what I’ve seen on youtube, Xbox graphics are nowhere near PC. For that, for keyboard+mouse and for MANY more reasons, the choice is one and only - PC.

By the way, @warhorse, why do you play your video presentations on Xbox instead of PC? It makes me wonder every time…
Or maybe you play on PC with Xbox joystick, which if true is ridiculous IMO.


Some of the videos are played by @TobiTobsen. He prefers to play with controller.

Tastes are different… :slight_smile:


hey I prefer controller aswell… thats why its in my PC tho! :smiley:


I was a PC player that was recently converted to console. I always believe that PC is always the better platform IF you have the required hardware. I, personally, would never play on a laptop, even though it might be a gaming laptop. Therefore, I don’t feel like I deserve to say if your hardware is good enough or not.

At the end of the day, I really don’t give a hoot about which platform looks better. I only care which platform runs it better. And in that case, the PC always wins if you have the right hardware. Otherwise, I would choose PS4.

The real problem is with your brother. Will he let you use his PS4 to play the game. Then again, you can always buy a PS4.


I mostly play on PC but with a XBOX Controller, just because I think the controller works great with KCD (I am a consolero). However, I must say I also like the console versions as their performance is great (even the visual one). From my experience, Combat is a little easier on controller while bow shooting is easier on mouse. I actually think that is a good thing :slight_smile:


according to notebookcheck you’ll get about 30+FPS on high setting
and 40-48FPS on medium setting

go for PC, since console is lowest setting and 30 FPS


Hey Tobi,

What’d you think I should do? Get Xbox one version that I can play, or get a computer version I can’t play yet?

I’ve always envisioned it as a PC game. What’d you think?

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What Blacksmith said is true here. It is Tobi´s gameplay, and he prefer to play with the XBoxOne controller. It is just a personal preference of him. :slight_smile:


If Warhorse team itself has people who prefer joysticks and consoles than k+m and pc, then no wonder Deliverance developed so consolish in the end. Thanks, it explains a lot of something I always wondered how and why happened…!


Hello mateumv! Your specifications are good but different games require configuration. Better you can Check minimum specification of games that you want to play on any gaming site like Instant-gaming.com.
Hope this helps you!


I just pre-ordered the Xbox One version. Will there be a beta for early adopters?


No there will be no Beta for consoles.


I know this question was directed at Tobi, but are you saying that you can’t play a PC version because your rig isn’t up to specs, and that you are planning to buy a new rig later?

I guess you could do that, but, food for thought, anything financially in your life can happen. I’m also sure that you’ll want to play the game as soon as you can get your hands on it.

I’m sorta in the same boat as you are. I went ahead and bought a PS4 version for my console. Buying a gaming PC is on the back burn for me.


Some features (eg. combat, inventory) were designed from the beginning with controllers in mind.
So it’s not like " KCD developed so consolish in the end", it was designed like that from the start, you could see that in alpha versions.


Valid point… So how do I go about selecting/changing my platform choice?


I asked warhorse for a platform change and they kindly did it. Try with this email address info@warhorsestudios.cz


The start was after Kickstarter, I mean the real start. Because at that point (the end of Kickstarter campaing) it was totally not clear whether Deliverance will be availabale for consoles. They were aimed, but still nothing decisive. Approval from Microsoft and Sony came later, as we all remember. That’s why I can’t believe the came was designed from the beginning for controllers. In mind - yes, in reality - no. Because console versions (in some better world imo) might been non-existent.

Maybe there is no point of discussing this further, I won’t have any objections if keyboard + mouse plays at least on par with controllers, but not worse! Because that is the case with alpha and beta versions, at least on my attempts…