[whinepost] Recommend me a New Eve activity


Right wing?


Right wing? Is that a question or an assumption?

Are you American.


English you cheeky bugger and anyone that preaches that we have a meaning besides planetary destruction is either naive or right wing.

And it was an assumption.


Ha much like mine about you being American ;).

No Pentaxon he was a Nobel prize winning genius ahead of his time, who devoted his life to the human mind and figuring out the secrets behind it, he is regarded as the father of modern psychology. They never sought to question if he was of a certain political leaning or if that made his work any less valuable.

I don’t know how religious he was exactly but after his lifelong devotion to the science behind the human mind he did say “I simply believe that some part of the human Self or Soul is not subject to the laws of space and time”. Take what you will from that.

I’m not religious, but I’m well aware that it has value and place in the world. You probably think it has deteriorated in modern times and does not belong. It has just been replaced by a new religion that’s prescribed.

Oh happy new year.


You too and thanks for the insight


My wife, may she rest in peace, had chronic depression and I understand the suffering one goes through. I can only suggest that one who has severe depression have an activity that allow one to express oneself in an upbuilding manner, be art or writing, or gardening. Find an activity to pour your energy into and create.


Wise words Glansky.

Sorry for your loss.


Thank you.


Maybe you could go out and ride your bike.

Or go fishing.

Hope you had a good new year.


Thank you, Meteor. It’s winter here - knee-deep snow, black ice, and blows of cold wind. I’m fond of running but not on ice (very hurtful to fall).

Talking about the game, Charlatan won’t give me any quests, not sure why, but banishing the ghost of old Alois in Ledetchko is pretty entertaining (a horse is strongly recommended) - especially when I found a way to infiltrate in the monastery by knocking out the prior and stealing his key. Also dice game is fun. Now I have a quite a collection of dice.

(now planning to neutralize, I mean poison, the security monks in the monastery and explore it during the daytime, too sad I can’t lock them in the cellar, but they’re assholes anyway)