[whinepost] Recommend me a New Eve activity


Hello there. Since I depressed and today KCD is a reality-proof shelter for me, please recommend me a side quest or an activity in KCD to participate in something interesting, because in the real world a lot of happy people around but I can’t react in a positive, happy way, what makes my depression only worse.

(in the game I need not react by myself but to select pre-defined answers, and it’s a huge relief actually)


Sasau Charlatan questline is weirdly interesting.


The house of God. Next to Godliness. In God’s hands. Courtship. At your service, my lady.


How to activate it? All my interaction with him is the fingerbone from a good guy.


Sasau inn or green depending on time of day or do the dlc questline


Thanks! The house of god is really good, but it’s a part of the main quest.


Will try! Thank you!


Have fun being alone on this crappy holiday

That made no sense, I’m here with you alone 2


Well not that crappy, if you’re healthy, having a nice job and a kind family. Luckily I have family, but it isn’t enough to bring the happiness back to Eve :frowning:


It is not a crappy holiday… Try and think that every day is a holiday and every meal is a feast.


Lucky you…


Glad you don’t have depression, avoid it by any cost. It’s a weird state of the brain[*] when the only reactions remain with you are negative ones. A little relief is eating, but physical activities are unbearable and socializing is stupid and everything is senseless and you hope all it will end soon.

[*] I mean, it’s not a “bad mood”, but a “real” problem deep in brain tissues. There are dozens of kinds of depression - but at the moment no reliable method to cure any.

In most cases, only meds grant real cure, and after a time a person is as healthy as they were before. Less lucky patients develop depression so strong, it becomes a lifetime partner for a person.

Taking a variety of harsh drugs three times per day, all you can achieve is a mild depression instead of the numbing one. In other words, from a grieving vegetable, you become “that sad guy” with ex-friends, ex-career and discarded dreams.


And then look at me the sad guy without depression or real family… :slight_smile:


Are you sure you don’t have one? I mean, a healthy brain is not a sad lazy loner. There are meds to cure sadness, meds to boost motivation etc. Try a psychiatrist. Depending on the country you live in, there’s a big chance of getting better.


Jesus so harsh, I’m fine just going through some stuff


“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being”.


That sounds like some crap out of the bible or some part of right wing propaganda.


Haha, that’s what you got from that. Cool cool.


What? That crap has been spewed out by monarchs and their fake speakers of religion to maintain peace.


That crap, was spewed out by a world renowned psychologist.