Who Drew The Map For KCD?


Just curious as to who was the cartographer for this beautiful map?


The map is based on the real area and terrain with some small changes for gameplay. Not much had to drawn.


Not exactly sure. There isn’t a specific mention of the responsible artist for the cartography or the illuminations/miniatures in the credits list.


Pretty sure that the artist may disagree with you there.


They have someone for this type of art, and I am almost sure that Dan Vávra mentioned him somewhere. But I don’t know where (some video update?) and don’t remember name :-/ He is also responsible for frescos in castles, churches or monastery.


Yeah, I thought that there’d been a mention on a video, too.
So…who’s willing to trawl through all the video updates of the last five years to find it? :grimacing:


Could be Pavel Beskyd?


I knew it was an actual location, but someone drew that map. Maybe you misunderstood the question. I wanted to know who the artist was that rendered the map for the game…


Yes, that’s him! Warhorse Studios Weekly Torch


The ingame map design was made by Miki


Awesome, thank you.


Oh, sorry, my mistake. So the frescos and map were made by different people.
… but at least I lured DrFusselpulli here, so I did something useful :slight_smile:


That said there were people drawing the specific locations maps (Rattay, Ledetchko, Vranik… .etc). Miki is the lead and he set the direction, style and such but there were more people working on maps.


Yes, that is true. As far as I know, other artists were working on the smalle maps, Miki made the big map. Maybe some maps were made by several artists.


I like the map design a lot as well. It would make a really nice print for a wall or something like that. Kudos to the artist.



What? How?


Through buy. You can order this from any advertising company.
I will get a one meter high map of Rattay for 20 Euros! Or make wallpaper with manuscript pictures for a complete room in your flat


The modern-age never fails to surprise me! :slight_smile: