Who else wants more building options for pribyslavitz


i like the new DLC “From the ashes” but would love to really keep rebuilding the village including tailor , bath house, butcher , stables etc. I’m not quite sure why we were only allowed to build some of these and not others? will this change. also will Henry be able to pursue his love interest and marry her or another?


I would say yes to a bath house, but I think business buildings were restricted due to the amount of revenue they finally provided (hence why we can either have a butchery or a bakery but not both at the same time) since the village revenue amount seems to be capped.

In saying that I would love a few more interactions with everyday villagers and my “friends” that a convinced to come to Privitslavitz. Once their only one dialog option is exhausted the only option is pickpocket. The armoury also need attention as your sword smith/armourer does not seem to work his forge, but rather stand in side his shop doing nothing. Some more houses for villagers might have been better as well. wish we could also clean the church up better as well. It looks ok inside, but outside is decidedly unkept.


Nice dream. The Devs have stated they don’t intend any upgrade for Ashes. Said so on a live stream about a couple months ago.
I too would like to see more vendors and a bath house and that damn weir that got mentioned in the game and never built. Also a decent road from Rovna to there.
For me It ain’t worth going way outa my way to get there and no named skalitz Npc there other than vendors.



When you finish renovating the village, Henry talks about a future expansion to a lumberjack. That made me think that there would be a part 2 for this DLC, but apparently not.


I see the Ashes DLC as a rush job of player appeasement and cash grab.
Also for PC nobility 1.6,1.6.2 and ashes have trashed quite a few popular mods just about forcing mod player to go vanilla. Mod support is about a year off.