Why Does Axe Gives So Much Damage? lol

I only wanted to try my new axe at cuman camp and this happened.

it’s realistic. axes were very deadly

That’s what tree said.

Have you ever tried to cut wood with a sword or knife? :slight_smile:


Well if you think a bout it your basically hitting someone with a sharpened club. You’re really cleaving into your target if they’re unarmored and bashing them with a heavy metal object otherwise.

What you give up is the nimbleness of a sword which in reality gives you options that would be more difficult with an axe such as defending and striking quickly. You choose one. You also sacrifice some range and if you miss with the head you dont deal any real damage to the target. In the game these factors aren’t taken into account. Axes also tend to be more cumbersome to wear than swords (imop, try it yourself).

With a shield on the other hand you nullify most of the disadvantages of an axe by giving yourself great offensive power while still being able to defend yourself. AT THE COST of having to carry a shield, which is pretty much pointless in day to day life.

So as weapons axes have pros and cons, with shields those cons are somewhat nullified, but you really don’t want to carry around a shield, hence you carry a sword and mayble a buckler or targe.