Why I hate rogues

So I was one of the original backers. I knew this game would be absolutely incredible from the start and low and behold it exceeded all expectations. I eagerly awaited as the years rolled on for release only I was in the middle of moving right as the game released. Fast forward a month after moving I come to realize I cannot find the game and as an added bonus any of my PS4 games. I check every box and every possible location only to not be able to find them. I had made sure to pack them personally only I had left the box open as I was still adding to it while the movers were there. They told me the sealed it up and packed it into the truck… So yeah long story short the movers jacked my backers copy and all my ps4 games. It has had me demoralized to the point of completely avoiding KCD all together. /rant Just needed to get that off my chest. **** rogues.

This thread is not a cry for sympathy or anything, really.

I feel your pain. Nothing worse to discover that the movers/packers ripped you off.