Why we dont have a crossbows?

Hey, is anybody know why there is no crossbows in the game? And is they planning to implement it.

Yes, they plan to implement them.


you sure?

They where cut originally as a simple question of resources.

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Arent they a bit advanced for the culture at the time?

Absolutely not. They are a vital part of the arms race of the 14th and 15th centuries.


In a short while, Hussite wagons will not only be loaded with crossbows but also hand cannons


Crossbows were originally created for KCD, but they cancelled them. I guess, they were too strong.

Cancelled, or suspended in order to meet release deadlines, only to be added back in at a later date? Wouldn’t be the only feature that met that fate, and the backend data tables still have them in place. Everything points to later implementation, rather than cutting room floor.

I was sure I had seen one of the development team confirm this, but a cursory search just shows many threads speculating on it.

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The reason crossbows didn’t get put in is for a few simple reasons.

  • Animations. Simply put, it takes a bit longer to reload a crossbow, thus more animations.
  • Strength. Let’s face it, crossbows are pretty damn powerful. Nobody wants to do Prizbyslavitz or Siege and be killed by a crossbow bolt from out of nowhere.
  • Time. It takes time to reload a crossbow, let’s not kid ourselves.
  • Safety. Everyone who has played the game knows that the NPCs can be on your ass in an instant, and a crossbow is not a speedy weapon. You’d likely get one shot in then be absolutely fucked by the time your second bolt is ready (because unlike bows, you MUST be stationary while reloading a crossbow. You cannot move) Unless pavises are added to compliment crossobws, I don’t see them being added anytime soon.

These same points can also be made to argue for handgonnes, especially the strength one (though they are inaccurate, a handgonnes will rip through plate with no defense)


Damn Cumans are hard enough to kill as it is now.
While loading and cranking a crossbow behind a castle wall might be practical, in an open field with Cumans charging you?
Unless Henry is credited with inventing the crossbow and is the only NPC that has one.
Only one person had a crossbow in Skyrim. ME!

Weren’t crossbows banned by the pope around this time though? Not saying that’s why they are omitted by the game but they were viewed as a weapon that could destabilize Europe and effectively outlawed. May be a little earlier than the era the game is set in.

This is exactly the context and flavor that’s missing!

Lol other games with crossbows let you reload the thing on the fly with a single handed pull on the string WTF! Hope they won’t go that way though :smiley:

first banned in 1120, was ignored. the over a century later another pope banned it, again ignored .
Note Bows were also condemned too in that edict along with jousting.
The cross bows and bows were seen as an immoral form of one on one combat where a lesser could easily kill his betters. In the jousting ban the pope was hoping to direct such energies to the Muslims in holy wars.


thing is you would have to have another skill for crossbows

There is! Just not available.

From using the cheat mod :if you use the command to boost bow skill level a successful game response announces that bow, skill:19 AND crossbow skill:18 has been raised the amount you specified.

money and time not enough

When we speak about bandits coming out in instant, crossbow has one unique advantage, and that is that it’s reloaded and ready to shoot the moment is drawn and shoot takes no stamina. While bow takes both stamina and time to draw. So crossbow would be useful for combat.
And as a historian in not happy that game closes to reality (its far from perfect but they definitely, did the best job so far) I’m not happy that there apsolitely no crossbows since crossbow was main weapon in Bohemia, Genova and France… Bohemia was known worldwide to be the crossbow country.
Crossbows don’t have to be that powerfull cause there are also many tips. Small hunting crossbows can be reloaded while walking but are weak, there are regular military crossbows that need to be drawn while pressed against the ground since the pressure is to much for the chest. And most expensive version that needs mechanical reloading.
There definitely is way to incorporate crossbows in the game while at the same time they wouldn’t became terror since bandits normally didn’t have access to more powerfull versions (personal ratinues of lords and expencive mercenaries had access to them).

That was earlier and no one really gived damn what pope sayed.