Why wont runt die

I am replaying KCD on hardcore and everythings been reasonable until Runt’s fight. He just won’t die, my sword durability fell to zero and most of my armor is trashed. I have been fighting him for more than half an hour, is there anything I can do to quicken the fight.? This is just too irritating fighting for this long. A stalemate of ludicrous proportions

After 1 hour and 20 min I beat him, followed by a game crash. FUCCKCKKCKCKCKC

Maybe youy did not level enough before meeting with him.

Or else, you need to drain his stamina in order to hurt him, so isolated strike are useless. Alway keep attacking as long as you can, to drain his stamina and the last few hits will actually hurt him. He will usually stagger when low on stamina. Drink a buck’s blood potion for extra stamina right as the fight starts. That should give you an edge too.

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