Will it run well?


On lauch, i asked a friend who had the game to let me try it out, so i download it through family share and well… it didnt run very well.

The game would go great for 30m and then it would start to lag terribly. My girlfriend boought the game as christmas present for me this year and im concerned that it wont run well in my computer.

Here are the specs:
AMD FX 8350
RX 480 Nitro+ 8GB

Not the most powerful but it runs most of the games i play at ultra 60+ FPS.


I’m playing it on an E7500 at 2.93 gz. 2gig R7 240. 8 gig ddr 3. Most settings are at low, but to me it still looks fn sweet. Runs a damn site better than it did at launch. Could be I’m just easy to please, but I’m happy to be able to play this gem at all on this shitebox.


Maybe im lucky and it goes well for me, thanks for the reply!


You bet. Happy trails.