Will the game have Linux support?


a. I did not find a way to contact the developers directly, so I have to post here.
b. I do not regularly check games I’ve kickstarted cause I never opt for alphas-betas, just the final product, plus they tend to take longer to complete than advertised. Sorry if I’m late for this.
c. So… It has just come to my attention that it was stated by the developers that the game will not be released for Linux - as promised on the Kickstarter.
d. I found a thread about this on the forum from back in Sep '16. I’m starting a new thread because I want someone from the studio to clarify if this is/remains true.
e. I do not own a copy of any Windows version nor am I willing to use Windows at all or play games through WineHQ or PlayOnLinux. I funded the game on the basis that it promised a native Linux version.
f. If Linux support was indeed dropped or is unclear, I kindly request a refund. I would also like to note that I really like the progress and all the work you’ve put into the project and I wish it has a successful launch.


Hello, I answered your email. :slight_smile: