Will there be a own house?


When the game is finished, i it possible to have a house ?
Because when I sleep in other houses I always have to pay something…
so does anyone know if there will be a house for Henry ?
(sry for my english-> I’m from Germany)


I don’t think anything like that has been confirmed. I’ve always hoped for a shack or something.


Yes, you have a house in Silver Skalitz. It is burnt soon after the tutorial stage completes, after which you are homeless. While you might be allocated various beds, and have opportunity to sleep in barns/outhouses and maybe inns, you have no “home” as such.

Even within the Beta though there are plenty of safe/non trespassing beds available - seemingly the bathhouse is safe 100% bed, and many barns have a safe 80% bed in them.

There are also many beds in the woods at 80% and 60%, and a poppy decoction might serve to improve the quality of rest from a poor bed (though I haven’t got around to testing that hypothesis yet).


There was talk of some kind of home base, and a place to store your items. There won’t be house building or buying as in other similar games.

The alpha and beta have been in the middle of the story, well early middle, so I assume as we go along we have somewhere to sleep. It would be pretty poor design to force us to sleep, and not give us anywhere to do it.


While we know that the opening of the main quest is at something we could think of as a new ‘home’ this is at Rataje, which is awkwardly far from the middle of the map. (It takes quite a long time to ride to the hill where Rataje is marked in the landscape from Talmberk in the Beta. Too long for a base of operations outside of Rataje town itself). The same is likely to be true of any other village or castle in the map, so having access to various traveller’s beds (traditionally hay in a barn, or a wayfarer’s inn/coaching house) is likely to be a better fit for most purposes. I think that asking permission to stay/being offered a bed in a specific spot (for pay or for free) is better than a free for all, but if just kipping in barns is the method this works for me.


Everybody’s summed it up pretty well.

No house that you can upgrade or furnish. You will have safe resting places available to you, so your own rooms for example where you will be able to store items and any other valuables.

We also know that you can camp *currently at predetermined locations on the map. Whether this is something that can be player initiated anywhere in the wilderness in the final game, is yet to be confirmed.


Btw everytime i try to sleep/advance in game time for exemple 5 hours (in game) i need to wait alot of time. Is this a bug?


Not a bug, nor a design choice, but a limitation of the unoptimised state of the AI routines that are run 24 hours a day.

This is something that has been noted as being improved in the development branch, along with other optimisations for performance.


You can take a house. You have to get rid of its present owner then just live in it. You have to do that quietly though
or the neighbors will take a dislike to you and give you the stink eye every time they see you. Also if you are seen the
soldiers may come looking for you and you will be a wanted man. Keep it on the down low.


Even in Mafia 2 we can drink beer and answer the phone calls(also we can looking at great design of flats and houses). In this way, i don’t think Warhorse will only make us to sleep, i’m sure we can talk with some intersting humans and hear a lot of entertaining stories))) It’s very optimistic point of look and as i hope such features will be in the release version.


This feels like big letdown from “realistic game”. I always figured a wanderer like Henry just lits a campfire in forest next to the road and sleeps on the ground next to his horse. Then again, game world is really small so reaching next village/tavern/whatever makes more sense. No “day long trip” distances (although sped-up game clock make them feel like so, probably).


Yes I’m a hunt master for talmberg (spoiler)


Thanks for your replies :blush: