WIll there be a physical Royal Collectors Edition PC release for the UK?

Hello there,

I’m a big fan of the game and bought it on release on steam. I would like to continue to support the game and was interested in purchasing the Royal Collector’s Edition for PC, however there only seems to be an Xbox and PS4 version. Are there any plans to release the Royal Collector’s Edition (with extra items such as the map/figurine, etc.) for the UK?


Physical makes no sense as long it’s just the Steam version. Then it’s better to buy DRM-free and burn it on a blu-ray when all patches are integrated.

I’m very interested to purchase the physical items as well though such as the map, pin and figurine.

I second that. I was also looking forward to purchasing a physical copy of the royal edition for PC, but found options only for PS4 and XBox.