Will there be a TrackIR support?

I own an TrackIR and I would also like to use it. Just my 2 cents.

TrackIR would be a nice addition - I also like the TrackIR support in ArmA and DayZ as it adds to immersion.

Every time I play this, I really long for TrackIR support. Especially since I’m always reminded of Arma while playing (voice acting, devs, etc.). It really would benefit strongly from TrackIR in my opinion. Especially with combat, since it locks onto targets. The ability to look around and maintain situational awareness is huge, but even just the intuitive comfort of looking around while traversing the world is a major appeal. Seems like a natural fit here.

Devs, please! :smile:

Yeah i was wondering about TrackIR support myself. When fighting more than one opponent, independent head movement would definitely benefit situational awareness.

TrackIR Support would be awesome - I hate playing first person games without it now.

what I don’t get is why the game have the stupid eye track and not the good head track (TrackIR)
I’m not a wobbly Bobblehead. TrackIR support would be necessary for a game that have such a system.

Maybe it’s best to just refund it as long it’s possible. Nice idea but there are so many things that annoys me. Missing TrackIR for this game is really one. While it have the eye tracking that is a complete no brainer.

And adding TrackIR support wouldn’t be hard nor expensive from what the TrackIR guys are saying in their forum.

Yes I am waiting for Trackir support. I use it all the time on games that support it. So yeah it’s a big thumbs up from me.