Will there be a TrackIR support?

Hi Warhorse-Team,

I’m a big fan of simulations and in my point of view this game is a simulation of the mediaeval times.
You guys want to get the game as realisic as possible which is a awesome goal!
In the most simulations / realistic games TrackIR is supported. ArmA Series, DigitalCombatSimulator, Falcon BMS…

Will Kingdom Come: Deliverance support TrackIR too?

For those people which do not know TrackIR, here is a little video how TrackIR is working in ArmA2:


How many ppl would use this? 0.001% of players?
I don’t like VR, oculus rift and things like that. I want to play the game with my hands, not with turning my head like a freak…


Hi Swampous,
no, the community of games/simulations using TrackIR is quite big.
A TrackIR support don’t mean that you HAVE TO use it.
With TrackIR you only move your ingame-head, not your body.
You still have to move your person by mouse and keyboard.

My suggestion: Try it and you don’t want to play without it anymore. :wink:


Even if I don’t use it, it would be okay with me to have TrackIR support. As long as the there is enough time for the more fundamental requirements, that is.

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Why so much hate? I think that more and more people will use virtual reality. Many companies are investing a lot of money into it and they wouldnt do it if they wouldnt sure about it.
Also can’t understand how turning head is more freaky than pushing mouse over table, staring at the monitor - were just more used to.


I would like to see it too. It works quite well after initial time getting used to it.
With Oculus Rift being supported, it would make sense to also add TrackIR / FaceTrackNoIR support.

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It would be nice to see this implemented into the game. Though I highly doubt that it is in there schedule to add this perk during the development phase. I would maybe see this added into a patch once the game is complete. For I would believe they have other fields to focus on before supporting this feature. I see no harm in seeing TrackIR into the game for those who don’t like it can simply decide not to use it.

This technology would be something I would use since I believe you get deeper into the game by using something like this since you get a sense of reality.

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For me Kingdom-Come and Oculus Rift will be the fulfilling of a dream that I had till the first VR-wave 20 years ago… My own holodeck!
I fear, Oculus Rift with its build-in headtracking will make TrackIR and/or multiple screens for a large number of players obsolet.

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What I’m looking for is the combination of Totem and Sixense

I already pre-ordered the Sixense and I was wondering if controlling the hands independently is possible even without much additional coding. The Totem might have a funding campaign this summer and it truly eliminates many of the issues I have with the Oculus Rift (and yes I have tried the Rift). One of the most annoying things is, that you’re totally blind in the real world. Totem is in development for so many years and as you can see in the feature list, they really did some brainwork to eliminate many of the limits other VR solutions still have by now.

Even if WH is not initially having the support for any of these devices, modders and ongoing development might solve the compatibility issues. :smiley:

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maybe as an afterthought, i don’t see this as a priority as the game can be played fine without the head tracking gimmicks.

Obviously it isn’t priority (nobody state that here). And wouldn’t call that gimmick - If they prefer 1st person for immersion, then tracking or virtual reality is pretty logical step.

The problem is that @213 has never had the chance to sit on a chair being healthy and sober yet have the urge to vomit right away because his inner ear wanted to balance the position. He never felt this feeling you have when you’re falling down without being actually in danger yet your body reacts to it with pure excitement and adrenaline… yes true, this is just a gimmick… like the motors in a rumble pad, like a joystick for flight simulations, like a driving wheel for racing games. Those input devices must be all gimmicks.

Let’s get serious: VR (maybe also AR) is the next step in the evolution of gaming. The first attempts failed (Virtualboy as one of the more popular failed systems) because the technology (regarding development and performance) was not ready for this approach but the general idea was interesting. Just as Microsoft failed with their first tablet with Windows XP, Apple later on designed a device and produced it once the conditions for the hardware were suitable. And now so many people have touch-based devices in their pocket, backpacks and suitcases. PC Gaming has not changed for ages just because some marketing experts and conservative gamers thought that nothing should be changed to keep the machine running. Now the gaming PC has to compete with consoles more than ever. The best way to compensate this issue lately was to offer more performance and quality than consoles could do and publish titles also on PC with a cheap port. While consoles (specifically Nintendo) tried new technological approaches for controllers and gameplay experience, PCs were left out entirely in terms of hardware. Thanks to the success of Oculus VR, the upcoming Steam Controller and some other brains working right now on a new gaming experience, the way we play games is pushed forward to the next level. And VR head tracking offers other controllers like the Omni Virtuix their right to exist. If VR is a gimmick, why do so many people have the need for it? It wouldn’t be a hype if this technology is worth 2 billion dollars according to Facebook.

Somehow this sounds like a marketing campaign but I’m not trying to sell anything. I’m in the IT business and it’s really counterproductive to suppress any innovation. You might say that you don’t need certain “gimmicks” unless you try it once and you don’t want to miss it. Like the middle mouse button integrated in the scroll wheel, I really couldn’t work without it anymore as it enhanced the work flow.

So Warhorse: Try to be open towards innovations, test game controller concepts and think about which controller might enhance the gameplay experience of KCD.


I use TrackIR in my flight sims and, once properly configured, I like it alot. I may not be able to resist OR once it ships, but with the cost differential I don’t think it will kill off TrackIR any time soon.

However, I’m not sure how likely I would be to use headtracking of any type in KC. But by all means, if they can add support without it getting in the way of core development, I’m all for it.

The problem with TrackIR is that you have to fix your eyes on the screen when moving your head. That is hardly realistic. The Oculus Rift is on a much higher level than TrackIR and the development team should definitely consider to give the Rift a try. Maybe not now but later.

As far as I am remembering, KC D Is not set to be a simulation, but a roleplaying game, wasn’t that the annoucnement the Horses made? That KC D is a RPG?^^

For some of ye this VR-stuff might be actually funny/interesting/reason-to-buy or anything else… For all the others it’s just wasted space on the disc… :smiley:

Me, personally, I won’t miss what I don’t know. For some of ye folks’ experience pf playing games, those VR-things might be (or will be) essential to play some games. For KC D I somehow don’t feel the necessity of such an option. And I don’t think KC D will try to be a simulation in any way.
For games you mentioned it is certainly quite an augmentation, I won’t argue with that.

But for KC D… mh…I would advice you to not have so mkuch of high hopes towards this topic. Maybe the Horses are walking up with somewhat of a surprise, but I won’t bet on it…

Additionally, I don’t intend to spit hate or any else negative feelings or thoughts on ye. Just to clarify that. :slight_smile: It’s only my train of thoughts that I don’t think VR-things might be necessary or ereasonable for KC D. It’s meant to be a RPG, not a simulation, as far as I remember… Although, I might err as well. :slight_smile:

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Just want to remind that they already comment on Oculus Rift in FAQ on Kicstarter so the question is rather does Track-IR count as well?:

Cryengine supports Oculus Rift by default, so general answer is: yes. We plan to support this awesome hardware gadget.

Oculus Rift captured the imagination of many players and you ask about it very often. Cryengine supports Oculus Rift by default, however we realize that the game has to be developed with Oculus in mind and we are aware of their recommended Best Practices. We shall try to stick to these recommendations, but VR is still an uncharted territory and we can’t guarantee ideal results from get go. To create horse riding experience that won’t give you motion sickness looks like a real challenge.

Huh, obviously slipped my mind, well then, I do hope they’ll make it optionable downloadable. Or as an “option” while installng. That would be okay with me at least, for I can then decide to leave it out and off my drive… :smiley:

Who says an RPG can’t be a simulation? If I understand Dan correctly a medieval simulator might be the most interesting game idea, that could emerge from KCD. As the AI is simulating lives why shouldn’t you take part in it? What would that game be without the stats and perks and story? It would be “just” a simulation of the Medieval Era.

About VR: The immersion is way different and a game in first-person perspective watched on a monitor is not as immersive as having it right in front of your eyes. Just take a look at the following Vsauce3 video:

It’s a nice video about portals, virtual worlds, emotional connection and immersion. Watch this video till the end, then you’ll understand different levels or meanings of immersion.

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I thought I resurrect this thread before posting my own identical one…

A few points; it’s not just for flight sims… freaking LOVE TrackIR in ArmA (more on ArmA later) . Genuinely surprised more FPS don’t support it. Playing the DayZ mod, running for my life, looking over my shoulder at the zombies chasing after me… awesome… and completely immersive. Imo TrackIr+triplehead=damned near VR without the headset.

Yes, it sounds odd to move head while your eyes stay forward… but trust me, it’s completely intuitive and after using it for 5 minutes you forget all about it and it becomes completely natural.

My final point? I honestly think this might take less effort from Warhorse than just about anyone else in their position. Remember ArmA? That’s my favourite FPS series by a mile, love TrackIR in it… funny thing… a lot of the Warhorse staff came not just from Bohemia Interactive, but people that actually worked on Arma. In short, they’ve implemented TrackIR before… granted it’s a new engine, Cryengine 3… but Warhorse has yet ANOTHER ace in the hole to make this happen… their code sharing partnership with Cloud Imperium Games (Star Citizen). You see, CIG already has TrackIR working in this engine… and an agreement to share code with Warhorse… (I love that partnership… kind of feels like the indies are building something of a ‘rebel alliance’)

I am hoping that TrackIR is easier for Warhorse to implement than anyone else on the planet. And if it IS that easy, with prior experience implementing it, and code sharing with someone that has already done it in the current engine… I just have to think this is a comparative cinch for them.

I hope they do it, and I suspect they can do it with minimal effort.

To be fair, yes, several Warhorse employees worked on Arma… but that doesn’t mean anyone on Warhorse’s payroll worked on TrackIR implementation. Also, I have no idea what Warhorse is getting out of the deal with CIG, I know that Warhorse gave them their character model and clothing/armor system, but don’t know the details of the deal or what exactly Warhorse is getting in return. All I know is it referred to as a ‘code sharing agreement’… based on that, I think CIG would be more than happy to share TrackIR code. Remember, CIG honestly wants Warhorse and KC: D to succeed. A legitimate ally.

I would love the support of trackir in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Then the immersion within the game would be fantastic.
I love the trackir option in ArmA although, i use alternative to trackir. If you want, check it out: http://bit.ly/1B7HNzm

With the new version 4.0.0 and magnetometer combined with free software - Opentrack, which simulates trackir, it is almost as good as trackir but muuuuch cheaper (40 £). Only downfall is it only supports 3 dof compared to trackir 6 dof. But for me, 3 dof is enough till VRs are released.