Windows 10 , who is upgrading?

So windows is offering a free upgrade to windows 10 . I’m a little split on if its worth it . what do all of you think ?

I have not heard any complaints on win10.
But I am still hasitating.

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it keeps popping up on my desk top to reserve my copy but im also hesitating . im comfortable with windows 7 . However times move on i guess . hmmmm

i have it and it is actually quite good

just did it today, no complaints yet. quick and painless for me, doesnt feel as alien as windows 8 either.

Yeah im getting tired of the notification. trying to figure out how to disable it.

I’ve upgraded since it came out (29th of July I believe). I had a few right and win store issues (my win 8.1 installation was not that clean, it already was an update from 7). I used the “restore computer” option (Basically it is an fresh install). Everything is fine now with win 10.

So I upgraded to win 10. I had some uuid issues (all my programs were working well, it was just some user creation issues). I re-installed it. I works perfect. So i would recommend it :slight_smile:

2 ways of getting rid of it.

Eighter uninstall update KB3035583 or shut off tasks in tasks scheduler. The 2 tasks to shut off are in “\Microsoft\Windows\Setup\gwx”.

If you want more explanation about the tasks and how to shut them off just tell me.

Managed to take care of it, thank you though.

Really annoying how persistent it was.

I dont trust windows 10, im staying with Win 7 XD

My upgrade to Windows 10 is ready but I’ll wait before installing it. I have many friends who installed it and they found that this new OS is more fast and light than Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, but I want be sure that it will work good before passing from 8.1 to 10.
I know that Windows 10 have some issues with nVidia’s GPUs and as a GTX 980 owner I prefer wait september. Anyway with the last driver nVidia said that there will be no problems with GTX 980.
I have no hurry because there aren’t games that require DX12 at the moment.

I upgraded from Vista to Win 8.1 just half a month ago, so installing W10 was an easy step for me - and it’s like ten times better, it’s definitely best Windows I’ve ever had so far. :wink:

yeah i upgraded works fine no problems

I have it… I like it… way better than Win 8.

I wouldn’t change from 7 to 10 but definitly from 8 to 10!



i finally made the plunge :slight_smile: (from 7 - 10)

totally worth it . very slick and doesnt force you into all the bollocks of the Apps etc


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Best Windows ever. The only missing feature is SecuROM/StarForce/SafeDisc driver & emulation support.