[WIP Concept] New mod (Map, Quests, NPC's)

So here is my plan again. I removed my previous post as i wanted to make things a bit more detailed and I have uploaded my plans for you all to check out
There are 2 files:
1-Kingdom Come - Mod Design Document (word document)(with pics version)


2-Map Whole Hi-Res (Recommend visio 2013 or later to read)


All the layers are locked in visio but feel free to have a look and I do welcome any feedback regarding the map or main quest outlines.

Once i finally get the mod tools working (database is up and running but the sandbox editor is giving errors :frowning:), the first step would be: to get the map done with locations and npc placement (no scripting yet), and be able to explore it.
Step two is to get the quest structure, quest locations, and dialogues planned out.
Step three is undecided as of now.

I am not sure how long ti would take me( I am assuming close to a year if not more). I am fairly new to modding so this would be a steep but fun learning curve. I do welcome any help or feedback. I am also uncertain about how often i can update this post with progress. There is still a lot of planning to do.

Here is the word document text as the outline and location description.

The premise for this mod is a simple yet ambitious one. I aim to create a brand new and detailed world space, akin to mini DLC size, for the player to:

  • explore,
  • survive,
  • fight,
  • complete quests (Main/Side quests),
  • romance,
  • have fun,
  • get immersed (world and quests)

I want to keep the important layouts of the world as accurate as possible while making the experience entertaining and engaging. Obviously as far as the story elements of this mod goes, it will most likely not be as accurate as the base game in terms of events, characters and plots.

The main characters are:

  • Henry – Player/Protagonist
  • Hans – Companion
  • Markvart von Aulitz – Antagonist
  • More to be added

The World:

Picture above is taken from Google maps and is geographically accurate. This region is slightly NNW from the playable area of the base game. This is the general layout of towns and landscapes. Of course, this is a massive world spanning about and 8km/8km are so it can be expected that this will be scaled down hopefully from 64km squares down to 12-16 km squares. IE. 8/8km – 4/4km.

The main quest will be taking place directly after the end of the game. Or if the player initiates it on their own.


The town of Konojedy will be the seat of power in the region controlled by Markvart von Aulitz and garrisoned by his men. The citizens here are ruled by a him and they don’t like it at all. He imposes high taxes (goods and/or groshen) due to the war effort and his forces are extremely unforgiving to any dissent. There is plenty of dissent with the citizenry, but never openly. It seems that they are waiting for that catalyst that pushes them over the edge.

The keep and main garrison is situated above the town and is the best defended position in Konojedy. This is where Markvart von Aulitz spends most of his time in the game except when it is required that he is to be elsewhere due to certain plot elements etc. His main captain and bailiff, Ziggy HorskĂ˝ (mountain), has is residence here in one of the out buildings and he commands the garrison with an iron fist but has a sympathetic heart towards the common folk.

Other notable people found here: Bodhi (The main priest, male, aligned with Markvart), Paloma (The keep’s cook, female, sympathises with citizens), Emory (The stable hand, male, neutral), Calliope (The scribe, female, independent headstrong, selfish but sympathetic).

The rest of the town is the same (culturally and aesthetically) as the base game. A few of the outer buildings have been burned and ransacked. Most of the building near the keep are still functional and intact allowing for the functionality of Konojedy as a strategic military location. Some trade does come through here however it is mostly military trade and supply.

There are a couple of notable people here including: Wilder (The Hunter, male, neutral), Zara (The barkeep, Female, sympathises with citizens , Leader of resistance group), Niko (Soldier, male, sympathises with citizens), Leif (farmer, male, neutral), Levi (Blacksmith, male, neutral)


This small farmstead village of 2/3 families is still intact and functioning as the forces of Sigismund of Luxembourg used this as a resupply and rest stop during the initial campaign south. Since the sacking of Skalitz, it is almost back to being unoccupied except for the skeleton crew of soldiers and their Lieutenant. Sheep are famed here for wool and meat. There are a couple of cows for dairy products as well and a large crop field and a smaller crop field.

Notable people found here are: Klement (Lieutenant, male, aligned with Markvart), James (Soldier, male, sympathises with citizens), Anastazie (farmer, female, widowed, aligned with Markvart), Lorraine (Farmer’s daughter, female, sympathises with citizens, maybe love interest?).


This town is in a similar state as Konojedy, however the citizens are almost at the point where they are in open rebellion. Without the watchful eye of Ziggy HorskĂ˝, the lieutenant in charge here is fascistic, self-centred, and only there to profit from the war. Most citizens here are terrified of the force garrisoned here, especially the lieutenant. Most citizens are forced to work for the army and support the war effort via involuntary contributions of goods and groshen. They are also measly compensated for their goods and have been forced to turn to hardcore subsistence farming.

Notable people found here are: Oldrich (Lieutenant, male, aligned with Markvart, but mostly self-serving), Krystof (priest, male, sympathises with citizens), Pavla (farmer, female, sympathises with citizens), Filip (woodcutter and hunter, male, neutral), Zuzana (Tanner, female, widowed, sympathises with citizens), Klement (Innkeeper, male, Leader of resistance group), Matyas (soldier, male, aligned with Markvart), Madlenka (barmaid, female, neutral)


This town is run by a lieutenant and is quite well occupied as a strategic settlement. There is quite a lot of natural resources here including: quarry, mine, logging, and charcoal burning. As a result of its strategic military value, it is being used as a supply town for the army of Sigismund. The town had almost been completely destroyed apart from the church and the bailiff house and jail. It has since been turned into a prison work camp where prisoners and slaves are being held captive and forced to work in horrendous condition. There is the start of a plague happening here but most people put it off as a result of the conditions and malnutrition.

Notable people found here are: Mikolas (lieutenant, male, aligned with Markvart), Teodor (Captain, male, doesn’t care what happens, turns a blind eye, uninvolved in the running of the camp, neutral), Renata (garrison cook, female, sympathises with citizens), Pavlina (prisoner, female, sympathises with citizens), Rehor (prisoner, teenager, male, sympathises with citizens), Vilem (soldier, male, sympathises with citizens) Stepan (prisoner, male, sympathises with citizens)


Exactly like the base game, however with more focus on player choice and more skill checks in dialogue and gameplay. You can choose to side with 1 of 2 factions: The resistance or the army.

There will also be a buildable and upgradable base much like Pribyslavitz in the base game dlc “From Ashes”

The Main Quest:

This main driving force compelling the player to explore and interact with this world will be the story of the main quest. This will give a general outline of how the main quest will proceed.

The main quest revolves around Henry and Hans Capon venturing north to find Sir Radzig’s sword. Along the way they Stumble across the town of Oplany. Here they player could have a choice to sneak in, or approach openly. Once inside the town we meet _ and hear about all that has been happening. You also hear rumours of a “death camp” but it is pure speculation at this point. Of course, Henry and Hans are there to follow any lead they can find regrading Markvart von Aulitz and Sir Radzig’s sword.

The player can choose to side with the army or the citizens. Either way, the town is secured. Should the player side with the resistance, the army and lieutenant will be either killed or forced to leave. Should the player side with the army, the leader of the resistance and the rest of the openly dissenting citizens will either be killed or forced to leave. Henry finds out about Markvart through either the resistance or the lieutenant. And it leads him further north.

After completing the main quest in Oplany the player and Hans go along north and come across Klice, a small farmstead occupied by a small group. Should the player have sided with the lieutenant in Oplany, He will not be attacked on sight and let in, however the residents will have a bad disposition towards him. The player then can choose whether to continue supporting the army or redeem himself with the resistance. Should the player side with the resistance, they would have to fight upon arrival. The player can also sneak in and meet the resistance or kill the occupying force to free the place up. Either way the player decides, the place becomes his base of operations in the area and a home for the player and Hans.

Here the player learns more about this enigmatic prison camp from the resistance and get more details regarding where it is and what the army is doing there. Or, is the player sided with the army, the lieutenant will describe the place as beneficial and disregard the rumours. In the end, independent of what side the player chooses, the player learns about Markvart and that he is well set up and fortified in the keep at Konojedy, to the north.

After completing the main quest in Klice the player and Hans go along north and come across Konojedy. Here the player can again side with either faction.

Should the player choose to side with the resistance, he will have a few options:

  • Outright battle with a resistance force organised from his base in Klice
  • Sneaky way of getting to Markvart (maybe through postern gate) (similar to the night scene at Talmberg)
  • Convince a soldier to get him in
  • Etc

Should the player choose to side with the army, he will have a to defend Konojedy from a resistance force or other scenarios (undecided)

Either way, the player gets to Markvart.

End of main quest


wow I liked the premise, it seems like a lot of work, I haven’t got to touch the mods tools yet. How would you do for the voices of the characters?

I could help if you wanted.

Wow, Voices would be one of the last things that would be done i reckon. At the moment, Im busy with the design doc. I have kinda finished the general layout of the map. I am working on writing a detailed outline of the main quest with all the branching options. I feel that before I even start with the map, I need to know what to put into the map and what kind of locations will be needed etc. Once the main quest is detailed out (not the dialogue yet), and maybe a couple side quets that are branching off of the main quest, the map will get worked on.

As for help, I’m not sure yet. Maybe a bit further down the road once the design docs are complete at least.
But thanks for your interest, ill keep you in mind.

IMO you have set an extremely embitious goal. I would recommend doing and releasing a few smaller mods until you feel like you are ready to start with this project, depending on your mod/dev experience. I would follow a path like

1] a small mod without NPCs (like placing a new hut with a note telling a story)
2] a short quest without NPCs
3] a non-extensive new location on the existing map with a few NPCs and a short quest

Don’t take this wrong, but I’ve used to be a modder for the TES games and starting a project like this on your own and with limited experience is a good way to get burned out and for the project ending up abandoned. Your design proposal envisions a work for a year - maybe if you had godlike modding skills and worked full time on it. Otherwise this needs a dev team.

I know what you mean, i am planning on looking for help where i can, but right now im focusing on one thing at a time.
But i do get where you are coming from. It is ambitious. and if i ever feel that i cant continue on at all, I would probably do something like publicly release everything etc…
But thanks for the feedback

Hello! thanks for answering me, what I have said about the voices, I have said it because it is the only tool that is not in the engine, you can do anything with the engine if you dedicate time and effort but the voices of Henry and Hans will be what more complicated to solve.

I studied cinema and worked on several projects, I also want to learn videogame designer. When you are clear about Gdd, I can help you with the stories and their design.

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