[WIP] More Wayfaring Knight Variants


Hello people

I would like to introduce the mod I’m working on, what it does is to give varying appearances of Wayfaring Knights (WfK) similar to that of the Mercenaries on road encounters

I find it boring that the guy wears the same set of clothing over and over again everytime we met so I make him wear different clothing each time.
I’m playing HC so this mod makes it possible to obtain several pieces of armor missing from the treasure chests (like Augsburg Leg Chausses & Decorated Cuirass)in a more appropriate way

The problem is once I implemented the mod some of the custom WfK I met have no prompt to talk to

I gave him pre-existing clothing presets worn by other main characters (there are 7 of them)

I will post progress from time to time, any support and critics are welcomed

Summary of what files I modded and what I did to them

Added lines copied from the original one assigned to WfK, then changed the “soul_id” strings with custom-written uuid and “initial_clothing_preset_id” with pre-existing uuid

Just like the above, added copied WfK line and changed the “soul_id” strings with custom uuid

I edited the “knight” entry by adding the custom souls uuid to she soulList, same format as “mercenary” entry, also edited the condition to prevent WfK not respawning if you accidentally killed him


So I found that the WfK soul_ID was used in several other .xmls.

I tweaked metarole.xml adding edited lines that governs the WfK’s ID but unfortunately there is still no option to talk to him

Can I ask help from anybody who succeeded in adding custom interactible NPCs?