Witcher 3 Easter Egg (Not Roach)

I’m in the last part of the game, and noticed what I’m almost certain is an Easter Egg referencing The Witcher series, so I alt-tabbed to see if anyone else had noticed it, and actually couldn’t find anything. A lot of sites and forums point out the obvious reference with one of the horses being named Roach, but the one I noticed was in the quest where you have to scale a wall at night. One of Sir Robard’s men in the cutscene is a white-haired gentleman carrying two swords on his back. Considering every character in the game carries their sword at their side, and no character can have two melee weapons equipped, I’m almost certain this is a subtle reference to Geralt, the protagonist of The Witcher series. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a screenshot, but I’ll try to find the Youtube video of the cutscene.


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Yes! Thank you! I couldn’t pause the cutscene and couldn’t remember which key I had bound to grab screenshots, and none of the Youtube videos I found had that NPC, he was just a regular generic NPC.

haha i didn’t notice this part