WooT! I Won The Horse Race! ****, I Didn't Win The Horse Race?


I ran a horse race last night and I won. The game even said I did with the “Win The Race Complete” and the checked off mark. Even with the game clipping other riders ahead of me by 20 yards, I still managed to catch up and cross the line first…and didn’t win. As I crossed the line, the game clipped all other riders in front of me as they cantered off.

Was I not supposed to win the race? This a glitch in the system?


When I met up at noon to start the race, the game saves as Divish was talking. Once the race started I ran for about 10 seconds then checked my map.
Once I unpaused for some reason I was hurt badly.
So I said, “Whatever I’ll just reload it JUST saved”
When I reloaded, Divish comes up and says,
“At least you have some respect, no one else even showed up! You win by default.”
Still got the achievement (Xbox) and the reward from Zora.
I found it funny, although I kinda wanted to do the race.


After a race I started to fast travel to somewhere and next thing I was on the ground. It appears that
I had a collision with another horse and both horses died. They were dead and not knocked out, as it
said I could loot them and they never revived.