Wow n wow , this should have been GOTY

Having played games for 30 years (39 y on) this had to be the single best r p g game I’ve ever played , had my eye on it for a while , was massive Skyrim fan and all the usual ones , but this had blown my mind on every level , graphics (PS4 pro 4k TV ) game play dynamics story line that is engaging , it really is something special , and hope the studio that made it keep the core staff working together as a they made the RPG game ever , since elite 2 on Amiga cd 32.

Why is this relatively unknown ?

I waited for it to be at good price in case any are , it’s £17.49 on psn store with plus member ship .

So I’m just doing the rounds with nightingale , does it get better and better ?


Oh yeah. You have a lot to look forward to

It seems you have missed the best RPG’s ever in your 30 years. It’s Gothic 1 & 2.
But yes, Kingdom Come is one of the best modern RPG’s. Even when I wish it would be more RPG and less survival simulator.

Oh and the best games are relatively unknown.
If you like games with great storyline, you have to get “SOMA”.

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Hey, I took that one for free in a GoG giveaway some time ago…seems to be beloved…should play it, I guess?

Definitely. SOMA is a masterpiece of story telling and atmosphere. It’s not just simply a horror game where you run away and hide from monsters, it’s a lot deeper and more complex. It’s an experience.