Xbox Kinect instead of Tobii?


So can I use a Kinect instead of Tobii. Though the concept looks cool I cant justify spending 170 dollars plus tax and shipping on a Tobii when this is literally the only game I have that supports it. It would be nice to just be able to plug in a Kinect and have the same features which if Im not mistaken can work to an extent. I havnt tried it yet so I may be wrong.

Plus I wear glasses and the Tobii has a pair of glasses so this isnt really an option as I feel it would just be uncomfortable to wear both. And before you say get contacts. For some of us that isnt an option. Ive had them in the past but as my eye sight has gotten worse over the years my astigmatism has gotten worse skyrocketing the price because I need special contacts specially made for me.

So its not like I can just go to the eye doctor and they can give me some on the spot. I would have to spend hundred of dollars on literally one pair. The price for contacts just isnt justifiable in my opinion when I can get 2 pairs of eye glasses for the price I pay for one pair of contacts.

Anyone have the Tobii that can explain their thoughts on it and if it is actually worth it?