XZ9 Lighting 2.0[Now available]


Hello partners.
Some will have seen that I upload some advance of my Presets (ENB & ReShade), now is available in Nexus Mods, but first, I wanted to leave a video and some images to see it (if you are interested).



@XZ9Warrior: Wow, that looks very realistic and lifelike, I gotta try this out. I’m running the game on Windows 10 Enterprise, NVIDIA GTX 1080, 64GB RAM, and i7-7700K unlocked CPU (Sager gaming laptop). CPU, GPU, and RAM are bone stock, no overclocking. Do you think this ENB mod will dramatically affect my performance in a negative way? My current settings are 2560x1440 (1440p), all settings on Very High, motion blur and antialiasing disabled, 50 to 60 FPS in most places.

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@AnonVendetta Yup, I have practically the same PC, and it is quite demanding, I would recommend deactivating SSR and MXAO-MXAO2, that, together with Clarity, could significantly improve the performance.

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Damn dude, the first screen looks like RL ! <3
One more Performance thief on Resahde is the FakeHDR and on ENB mostly just everything.
But disabling FakeHDR will destroy almost everything on that style.
I am remember that ENB was the first “solution” to fix that stutters in Schmyrim. What a joke!^^
Or wrong ENB in Mafia 1 and you can count the pictures by yourself.

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@rataj Thx mate, I was really watching many pictures and videos of the area to guide me(to have a base), likewise, it is still not clear to me how is the green tone of the vegetation there.
for some reason, I do not like FakeHDR xD
Good one (?
Mafia was compatible with ENB? I never realized lol



So, a small Hotfix:

  • Improved the color of the daytime sky.
  • Color of sunset sky fixed(the whole sky had a violet color, currently has multiple colors based on the time).
  • Tonemap broken eliminated (it caused the sunset and nighttime hours to be very bright).
  • Tone of the vegetation most similar to vanilla.

And yes, you can see how the cloud is covering the moon.








@XZ9Warrior: So, I just tried this mod on default settings, and it does appear to be working. I just extracted the contents of the 4 zips into their respective locations. I did have to change the paths, since I have GOG version of KCD, not Steam. Game version is 1.8.2. I did not edit any of the config files except user.cfg. The results I get, still with the same settings as stated above, are dips to 30FPS at lowest, but averaging around 35 to 40 depending on the area. Sometimes more. This is the best ENB mod I’ve tried for KCD, but I do think the greens are a bit too green. It definitely makes everything look sharper.

In my game shortcut properties I have:
C:\Gaming\Kingdom_Come_-_Deliverance\bin\Win64\KingdomCome.exe -devmode +exec user.cfg

I noticed your mod includes a custom user.cfg, so I had to combine its’ contents with the contents of the one I’m using (which didn’t have any graphics-related settings in it).

The game does feel a bit more sluggish, loading takes longer, which is expected. But it is playable. However, I would like to squeeze a bit more FPS while keeping my current graphics settings and not losing too much visual effects. Which files should I edit, and what values?




Have u tried reforged ENB? I like that alot.



bugi: No, I haven’t tried Reforged ENB. But I have used several others, and this is the best overall. Now if I can just get the FPS up a bit without losing too much quality…



@AnonVendetta Hi, first, thx mate, I do not think it’s one of the best presets, but I think I’ve done a good job hehe.
At the moment, it is quite demanding, because of the fact of the LOD and the SSR+MXAO.
If you want better performance, I would recommend changing the following in User.cfg(with the values ​​that I leave here, and only change this things).
e_ViewDistRatio | I recommend you try it with 200
e_ViewDistRatioVegetation | 200
e_UberlodDistanceRatio | 4.0
e_MergedMeshesViewDistRatio | 125
e_vegetationUseTerrainColorDistance | 150

On the ReShade side, you should try disabling SSR and MXAO2.

P.S: The issue of green is something that I must look.