XZ9 Lighting V2


Hello everyone, since the last publication, I have been improving the quality of my Preset [ENB & ReShade]…umm, well, “Presets”.
Currently it is quite demanding with the AO (no problem, it can be deactivated, it is optional).
I leave the result, I must say that the forests look beautiful.
P.S: I recommend seeing it natively on YouTube (it looks a lot better)


Whats ur fov? I dont like that “fish eye”


@Bugi, If I’m honest, the truth that I do not remember, a while ago I had changed it to make tests of the Preset.
Anyway, it’s not in my User.cfg xd


well anyway nice job with that preset looking good!


@bugi, thanks mate.
Here’s another screenshot


It can’t be that high, the game only offers 60-75 (at least in it’s terminology).

Have you looked into how to limit the glean, shimmer and reflection on wet surfaces during dark periods? Anything that has light cast upon it(seemingly at times when there’s no clear light source around) shines excessively bright with much magnitude during the night ; such as the mud.

Also, at night, rain is easier to see than day. Really you can’t see it in real life anyways, unless light behind it shines through, however at night it should be virtually invisible.


@Justice, at first I had problems with what you say, lately no longer, be it tomorrow, day, afternoon or night, everything works correctly (and everything looks correct), be it a clear day or a stormy day