Y'all Must Have Forgot

Just played my, I think, fourth tournament and won. In fact I’ve won all four. Yet, each time I go to the herald to sign up he asks me what my name is?The fecking champ, that’s who! Also, when he announces me, he no sells it “and Henry of Skalitz…” like its some kind of afterthought. Bro, there are only three other guys in the tourney! How about “and Henry the fecking champion from Skalitz!!!” Next time I see that herald I’m gonna slap him.


My words exactly. It’s shame that after you won 3+ tourneys you still have the very same conversation with herald just like when you came to him for the first time. Even Theresa say to you after you won congrats champion, but herald obviously has a very bad memory. Imho these little things make the game experience…

User name checks out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: