Yellow Dot

Hey All,

On Xbox one you have a yellow dot in the middle of the screen with Unequipped weapon, and yet you have NO dot when I am aiming my bow! Please reverse this guys. IN any case there should be more options to customize our hud, IE aiming, minimap, compass etc. SUch a beautiful game, would be such a shame not to fix theese very basic problems. thanks!


It is not a problem, but WAD :wink:


(Except leave bow alone)

On PC there are mods to fix all the issues you speak of. I don’t have consoles, prefer to be able to mod my games and have more freedom with them. I did do a quick search for you though, and found a little info. It is unconfirmed if consoles will ever get mods for this game, from what I have read. Mods on Console

Your best bet may be to reach out to Microsoft, get the community there begging for it, as Warhorse already knows everyone wants mods on console, but they cannot do it without consent from Microsoft and Sony.

thanks for the link but I didnt mention anything about mods in my post. please re-read. thanks!

Mods is how you get what you want. The devs have said they don’t currently have plans to add the features you want. So mods is how you get them. To get mods on console, you have to convince the makers to work with Warhorse. It would be faster than waiting for Warhorse to make changes, especially when they are busy just trying to work on the bugs, and are working on DLC. Console players have been asking for the features you want since launch, and Warhorse has yet to address it other than to say they have to get console makers to work with them on mods. One of the links I posted talks about just that.

On PC players can use the ‘console’ (tilde key-under escape) g_showhud=0 (0is off/1is on)

Console players can press left-right-left-right, a+b, then start and select together.
Should also change the weather over your neighbours 'yard.

Edit-:Forgot to add, Do it on the title screen, when the music starts playing. You will know it worked if you hear an Owl hoot.


That cheat code is for original hl2.
Is this legit xD I have it for pc not console.


Nope, nada, nay.

(Ten characters min)

I just can’t understand this rather retarded design choice. OK, no dot for bow for increased realism seems logical. But why the hell there have to be that ugly dot for the whole time when not using the bow? So annoying, so immersion breaking. Thx god on PC this is fixable by mods/console.


Finally someone understands!

That yellow dot is my Nemesis.

Black permanent marker can fix the dot


Does the PS4 Version of this game stil have the yellow dot and the slow texture loading? I have a pro and would like to get the game again, but not if it still has those issues.

I asked for HUD customization for more than a year now. Forget it, WH is deaf on their ears about this.

What they should do in detail:

  1. The dot smaller (at least for the PC version), white instead yellow and with a dynamic transparency. That means on bright surfaces the dot should be less transparent (more visible) and on dark surfaces more transparent (less visible).

  2. Options for every single HUD element like compass, life & stamina bars, perk symbols, combat cross, the dot etc. to hide it. So that everyone can disable or enable or even change the transparency value on every HUD what he want.

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That’s the pity that we are unheard about such small changes. If it was on PDX forums, and game was from their studio, that annoying dot would have been long gone.

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The dot should not be completely removed, because it may could be helpful. But it should be re-designed as I mentioned and at least have an option to disable it for those who want full immersion.