"You can't delay. No time to lose"

I’ve made a dumb choice of deleting my save games and then tried to sleep to save the game and I got this message , what should I do?

Are you still in Skalitz? This is the message I got when I tried waiting during first quest. If you aren’t in Skalitz that means you are in a quest with important scripted events. You have to progress on that quest in timely manner.

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No, I’m in talmberg and I’m about to do something risky and I have no savegames. I’m fucked now lol.

I suppose you don’t have any Saviour Schnapps?

Are you trying to sleep or wait? because that to me suggests you are trying to wait and not sleep.

That was exactly the same problem i had… after leaving Talmberg Castle ive got myself into a tricky situation wtih almost 2 hours played without any save and no Saviour Schnapps…

you’re pretty much screwed at that point. its quite tough that KC:D does not Autosave on successfully completing a “Part” of your Quests

But it does, it saves when enter Talmberg and it saves when going to Skalitz again (enter Uzitz). The part between you can solve in 10 minutes (without cutsceens)…

I ended up using my saviour schnapps. seems like when you’re doing a main quest you can’t save.

I suppose you don’t have any Saviour Schnapps?

Both, I get this message when I try to sleep or skip time.

All I did was close my application, and then I continued from my last save. To make sure it worked, I tried waiting and voila. It worked. If that doesn’t work, then idk what will.

I got that same message during the Homecoming quest when I tried to sleep in rovna…on the way to bury the parents, You are pushed through the opening of the game.

why bother deleting any saves ever? Just don’t do that in the future :slight_smile:

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